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21 days beach ready – tips for the swimsuit season

Shop for Your Shape Choose a bikini matching with your body shape.
Pear shape  V neck (attracts attention to the top), high cut bottoms (legs look leaner)
Apple stylish one piece suit
Hour glass any style will go.
Lean Athletic builds look best in string bikinis

Clear, smooth and hydrated skin is the first step on the bikini-body checklist. Get every inch of your skin into beach sleek shape with a right skin care regime.

Protect your Skin & switch to an Organic Skin Care Regime Body butters, Skin moisturizers, facial and body cleansers, Soaps, and much more! There’s an organic option for everything that you need for your skin. This way, you’ll able to protect your skin from chemicals and pesticides used during the production process.

Ban your blemishes Use a regular skin care regime with ingredients like Australian tea tree oil. Reduces blemishes, acne and breakouts and promotes radiant looking skin.

Keep a Face Mist handy, always You are allowed to feel tired but not your skin!
Face Mists stimulate cell renewal and revitalizes skin by adding a fine layer of moisture to it. Exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal a brighter and radiant looking skin. It’s always good to keep a face mist handy, you can use it whenever you feel tired.

Stock up on Sunscreen Sunlight consists of UVA rays, which can lead to premature aging. Use SPF 30/50 made with organic ingredients like Soya and Mineral rich water for hydration.

Soften the skin If you want to show smooth skin this summer go for an exfoliation twice a week. Facial scrub with natural exfoliaters like jojoba beads are good for the skin as well as the environment. For body scrub, DIY body scrub recipe.

Regular moisturization. Moisturize regularly.

For face Use a lightweight moisturizer that will hydrate the skin without making it greasy. Moisturizers with organic ingredients like soya butter smooths the skin texture. Creams with tea tree oil will reduce blemishes promoting a clear, radiant looking skin.

For body Use a body butter regularly. Reduces redness, smooths the skin texture and moisturizes the skin. Go for creams with organic ingredients that will get absorbed into the skin without making it oily.

Make-up Removers/ Regular cleansing Never ever cease the day without removing your make. Cleanse your face, twice a day – morning & evening. Even if it is just the kohl you’ve applied, you got to remove it. Moreover, few make-up removers can act as a good skin food!

How about giving yourself a body a treat? We are talking about Body massages here! Body massages are best for both relaxation and beautiful skin. The massage will work best when any essential oil like Lavender or Lemon grass  is mixed with the oil. Book your body massage session for at least once a month.

Cold water is an answer for that fresh looking skin Warm water opens up your pores, which helps in better cleaning. However, splash some cold water after you are done cleaning your face. Cold water will close all the open pores. This will soothe your skin and eyes leaving you with a fresh and alive skin.

Home Manicure/Pedicure

Beauty Sleep! Hormonal imbalance, Depression, Anxiety, Skin problems… many problems can occur due to lack of sleep. Which is why, it is important that you take at least 8 hours of beauty sleep in a day. This will aid in your Glowing-Skin-Mission.

Finally – Strive for progress, not perfection. Do not compare yourself with magazine images. Compare yourself with what you were a month ago. Avoid unrealistic expectations and celebrate the healthy changes that you are making in your life.


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