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Baby skin care basics

Baby skin care basics

Nuzzling those dimpled thighs, chubby cheeks and tiny toes? Baby’s skin is soft, smooth and silky; one can’t help but touch it. Along with all the cuddles and snuggles, one also has the responsibility of caring and protecting baby’s delicate skin from irritation and environment. Here are some easy to follow skin care basics for your little love.

#1 Cleanse

Babies need to have a regular nighttime bath routine. This will help to calm the baby, wash away the oils and excess dry skin that may cause cradle cap and other skin conditions. Use a moisturizing soap or body wash to restore moisture all the while gently cleansing baby’s skin.

#2 Moisturize

Baby’s skin tends to become dry quickly, so it is necessary to keep it hydrated after a bath. Applying a nourishing cream regularly will help to protect against dryness. A mild moisturizer with gentle, natural ingredients like coconut oil, soya butter and olive oil will moisturize baby’s skin and keep it soft and smooth. Go for fragrance free creams that are also paraben free.

#3 Prevent

Moms need to watch for certain skin conditions; baby acne, diaper rash etc. Apply a good diaper rash cream while changing the diaper every time. This will help to prevent water loss and moisturize the skin. Avoid sun exposure specially during 10 A.M. till 4 P.M.

#4 Massage

As the baby goes through developmental changes, massages help to ease transitions. It also provides emotional and phycological benefits for the baby. Daily massages reduce stress and increases baby’s sense of wellbeing and develops close relationship between mother and baby. It stimulates endorphins that can lift baby’s mood. Stroking the tummy during massage helps to ease gas. Massage also helps to relax baby’s arms and muscles.

Baby’s skin is different from that of adults and keeps changing rapidly throughout growing years. It needs extra protection to keep it clean, moisturized and healthy. This helps the baby to form a barrier against bacteria and other skin infections.


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