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Beach Ready in 21 Days – Fitness Regime

It is tough to stick to a fitness regime and follow it religiously when there is laundry to fold, bills to pay and dinner to make. These 6 powerhouse moves will tone and strengthen every major body part.

Strengthens abdominal muscles

Out of all the advantages of plank, toned belly is the major one. For the perfect plank, rest on the forearms and keep legs straight and slightly apart. Lift the body upwards keeping a straight body line. Elbows must be in a straight line with the shoulders. Contract the muscles of the torso while holding this position for 30 sec.

Chest, shoulders & triceps

Push ups work on a large no. of muscles in the body – arms, abs and lower body largely. Knowing the right trick to do it is important, so follow these steps:

Step 1 – Get into a plank position, ground your toes, and wrists should be placed on a vertical line to the shoulder.
Step 2 – Lower the body while making sure you haven’t formed an arched back.
Step 3 – Push back keeping your core strong. Exhale while doing this.

Glutes, hamstrings, calves & muscles in the lower back

It is one of the most effective lift for building muscles, burn fat and get strong. Find a bar that is racked little bit below the shoulder height, you’re going to put the bar on your neck back. Come underneath the bar and lift it keeping your core tight and strong. Keep your feet about should width apart, with your chest and head up. Now start the squats as if you’re going to sit on a chair. Then stand back up and exhale on the way.

Muscles in the abdomen, hips & legs

Lunges can be done anywhere and is very effective for getting strong legs and toned back. Stand with the feet about shoulder width apart and with hands on the hips. Step forward with one leg, lowering your hips until both knees are bent at about a 90-degree angle. While pushing back, Keep the weight in your heels and get back to the starting position. Repeat the process with another leg now.

Abdominal muscles

Crunches are best to strengthen abdominal muscles. Start by laying down, curl your feet and keep it slightly apart from each other. Keep your hands behind your head, or just cross your arms in front of your chest. Now, lift your shoulders up using your abdominal muscles and go back while you inhale on your way.

Abs, arms, back, shoulders, glutes, and legs.

Jumping jacks will not only burn your calories but will also make the bones stronger than before. It is simple to do, you have to jump while making both of your legs and hands out and then bringing them in together. While jumping contract the muscles of your abdominal for an added effect.



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