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Behind the Perfect Skin : Azafran Well being

Behind the Perfect Skin

Give your winter Skincare Regime a boost. Overcome winter skin and celebrate this winter on a snowy summit. Nights getting darker, mornings getting colder, birds on a winter sojourn, and leaves getting ting with autumn…winter comes with a promise of another spring; and summer. While winter is fascinating with its beauty, peace and bliss, and we say sayonara to sweat, the nosediving cold weather affects our skin’s moisture. And, it’s time to choose a good winter SkinCare Regime.

Do you apply a moisturizer every day? Excellent! But cold frostbite calls for even more potent hydrating, and moisture boosting products. Body butters add moisture, hydrates, restores radiance and banishes the remnants of dry winter skin. Azafran Organics offers an exquisitely crafted collection of body butter a sensual blend of organic butters, hydrolyzed milk proteins and oils, enriched with skin boosting botanicals and a feel good fragrance.

Aditi Vyas, Director of Azafran Organics says the idea was conceptualize drawing inspiration from ancient beauty practices. “Our body butter formulations are making with pure botanical ingredients for a lavishing beauty experience. Organic oils are extracted from natural; botanical ingredients grown at our own farms. These oils are processed with the most stringent regulations of hygiene & quality, and butters are derived at its purest form at our own facilities.”

From the soil, to farm and finally into formulations, Azafran’s Body Butters are religiously process. Aditi further asserts, “Our produce is certified by ECOCERT (France) and USDA (US). We do not not use any synthetic pesticides or inorganic fertilizers in our farming. We use only organic manures from our own dairy farm.”

Butter up your skin

Body butters are a decadent moisturizer for skincare, be it face, feet, hands or body. A small amount of body butter will soak right into the skin for everyday use, and a larger amount will make a perfect night time application. Coat it on dry hands, flaky elbows, toes, heels; where ever there is need for an extra dose of moisture.  Body butters contain less water, more butters, and natural oils than regular lotions. It’s thicker and is available in tubes or jars. Just scoop out the required amount, and slather it on. Body butters are god-sent for people with sensitive skin as the recipes have natural butter base without potential allergens or irritants.

Soak nails in warm water, massage a small amount of body butter on the cuticles and push them back with an orange wood stick. Keeps the nails hydrated and healthy. Dab little body butter on a cotton and use it to remove make up. It removes mascara and also nourishes the eyelashes. Apply a thick coat of body butter on the feet and cover it with socks in the night. Next morning gently remove the dry skin with a callous scraper.

Natural virtues of almond butter keeps skin younger looking and radiant. Sunflower butter is rich in vitamin E, and has anti ageing properties. Soya butter derived from processed organic soya oil helps in regenerating skin cells, and restoring damaged tissues. Rich shea butter is a feast for the skincare and eases out wrinkles, frost bites, blemishes, and sunburns. Mango and cocoa butter promotes cell regeneration. if you are getting stuck in a desert island with just one body care product, that will be body butters!

Azafran’s crème de la crème body butters

Azafran’s body butters are clinically proven to treat common issues like itchy; flaky skin without causing any skin irritation. It stays on the skin for a longer period of time forming a protective layer on the skin, thus sealing the skin’s moisture. Proving that natural doesn’t have to be boring, Azafran’s Body Butters are luxuriously thick and come in a classic assortment of botanicals and scents to go with everyone’s preference. No chemicals involved, so it’s a guilt free indulgence!

Organic skincare market

With the wake of environmentalism, organic skincare products have potential market opportunities. Talking about the organic skincare market scenario, Mansi Vyas, the Sales Director of Azafran observes, “ Customers today; are well aware of the requirement for organic products. We understand who our beauty customers are, and what they want. We distill this knowledge into creating successful formulations. Our products are not base on research and creativity, but also on the understanding of the needs of our customers, and with a comprehensive view of the organic skin care market”.

Make the skin feel royal for a precious few minutes; everyday. These pampering practices are life’s little luxuries, and an elixir for the skin.


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