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Bewundere Zurich (Admire Zurich)

Bewundere Zurich (Admire Zurich)

Mesmerizing lakeside views, scenic vistas and the snow-capped Alps on the horizon…Zurich is quintessentially Swiss. A shopper’s paradise, a metropolis of arts and home to legendary nightlife, the city is far from boring. Take a tour around the  Altstadt (Old Town), the historic heart of Zurich.  The backdrop of the Old Town turns into a living history. Hop on a boat, take a trip on Lake Zurich and enjoy the beauty of waterside homes and tempting beach at Tiefenbrunnen. Go for a bar crawl to make your mood for a long night out, visit a Badi (swimming bath) and take a train up the Uetliberg, Zurich’s backyard mountain. Visit as a tourist, and if you desire this city could be your home, that would be in Zurich.

Botanischer Garten (Botanical Garden)

A place where you don’t need language, just your senses to get immersed in the surroundings and experience the unknown. Breaking the traditions of European gardens, the Botanischer Garten has wild plant species and does not have systematic beds or hybrids. Bubble domed greenhouses and water gardens host around 9000 exotic plant species. Admire the Alpine roses, breathe the tropical scent and be wonder-struck looking at the odd plants. There is a large meadow with a pond which is full of singing frogs during the spring. Welcome song for the spring!

Bahnhofstrasse street (Station street) Zurich :

Luxury is a spell with a ‘B’ in Zurich, B for  Bahnhofstrasse. Be it for business or for pleasure, the Bahnhofstrasse, one of Europe’s glitziest shopping streets has it all. Whether you are just window shopping or buying something, take a stroll along this golden kilometre and you’re sure to enjoy. The street is dotted with fine jewellery, national crafts, and international brands. Confectioners are available to add a sweet note and keep you smiling throughout the stroll.  The street is also lined up with banks so that you can refill your wallets once it becomes empty. Ultimate sophistication!

Shopped a lot, and bags are getting heavy? Don’t worry, use the Pack bus. Get a ticket, check in your bags, and go for more shopping. Send your things directly from the bus, or come back later and take them home. Great idea to make people buy more!

Swiss la fondue  (cheese fondue)

In Swiss, fondue means cheese fondue. Served as a main dish, the fondue is made with cheeses, white wine and kirsch. Two types of cheeses are used, aged Gruyère with great flavour, and Emmenthaler with big holes being popular options. Sauvignon Blanc with a squeeze of lemon juice, and kirsch; the ‘eau-de-vie’ (water of life) to just add that extra kick will do. Flavored bread like focaccia and olive bread pair well. Our suggestion? French Gougères! Cheese dipped in cheese. Without question, the best you can ever have, anywhere. Now eat it like a Zürcher (Zurich’s citizen). First, dip your bread into the kirsch, and then into the cheese. En guete! (enjoy your meal).

Chocolates & more chocolates

Love chocolates? Mark Zurich in your list and be ready for a tantalizing array of delicious treats.

Be it, you like milk or dark, with or without hazelnuts and truffles, the city’s fine creations are not to be miss. Relish on its own, or with a cognac, wine or espresso, Swiss Schoggi (chocolates) make tasty treats. No false compliments, Swiss chocolatiers are the best in the world. Heavenly delights like pralines, truffles, mousses, and cakes were created by them. Take a sweet Zurich tour, visit chocolate spots, and get to know about the production, chocolate varieties and of course ample tasting opportunities too! Don’t miss out the champagne truffles, milk chocolate truffles with creamy champagne ganache filling and a dusting of icing sugar. Need to say more?

Sächsilüüte (Sechseläuten spring festival)

Sechseläuten meaning ringing of the six’o clock (bell) is a traditional spring festival in Zurich marked on the calender’s for the third Monday in April. The festival involves visually appealing thematic costume parades followed by the burning of a  snowman effigy called ‘Böögg’ (pictured here) symbolizing the end of winter. making with cotton and straw and its head is filling with firecrackers. Böögg is setting on fire exactly at 6’0 clock and takes around 30 to 40 minutes to burn. The Swiss believe the quicker Böögg’s head explodes, the sooner summer would arrive.


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