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Organic Crayons - Unleash Your Toddler’s Inner Artist

A better future for our children & the environment

We all loved colouring as children. Kids and toddlers alike love to colour, it provides them with a sense of joy. In fact, colouring has a ton of benefits in the formative years of childhood like – increased motor development, recognition of colours, sense of achievement, enhanced concentration & creativity, and, amplified hand-eye coordination.


Organic Block Crayons

Organic Block Crayons are your child’s as well as the earth’s best friend.

Azafran Organic Crayons are Vegan, Non-Toxic, Organic, and all-natural containing the USDA & Eco-cert stamp of approval. They have a creamy texture that doesn’t stain. The Organic Pencil Crayons are easily shapeable and can be easily sharpened for finer artwork.

What is inside Azafran’s Organic Crayons?

The Best Organic Crayons available in the market – devoid of toxic and harmful chemicals.

Made from the goodness of:

  • Food-Grade Colours – All-Natural colourants that are vibrant and rich.
  • Natural Emollients & Moisturizers.

How are these Organic Crayons made?

These Organic Crayons for Babies are made entirely using raw materials produced at their own farm. The following is the process in the creation of the crayons:

  1. Soybean is crushed to procure oil.
  2. Oil Hydrogenation takes place afterwards during which the oil is converted to butter or wax form.
  3. All-natural food-grade colours are added to the mix.
  4. The hot mix is then poured into moulds of block and pencil shapes.
  5. The mould is then allowed to set and after which it is de-moulded and finally packed for your little artists to use.

Regular Crayons

They are usually made using chemicals that could be harmful to our children’s health. Toxic substances using which regular crayons are made include Lead, PVC & phthalates, Ammonia, Cadmium, Xylene, Touline, Formaldehyde, and Volatile organic compounds. These toxic chemicals could be absorbed through the skin or consumed as kids are known to put things in their mouth. It is our job to do the right research and choose products & brands that are clear of toxins and safe to use by our toddlers and don’t leave a harsh impact on the planet either.


Azafran - Organic Crayons India

Azafran has a distinct collection of various Organic Crayons for Toddlers that are completely safe to use, categorised as:

  1. Organic Block & Pencil Crayons all-natural pack of organic crayons containing 8 blocks and 6 pencils with a wide variety of colour options.
  2. Organic Block Crayons comprising 16 distinct rich colours in an easy-to-grab block shape to let your toddler be as creative as they want.
  3. Organic Block Crayons pack of 8 vibrant colours with which our kids can showcase their creative potential.
  4. Organic Glitter Crayons pack of 8 sparkling colours to light up our child’s artistic vision and drawings.
  5. Organic Pencil Crayons pack of 15 slim shaped pencil colours that are easier to hold while your toddler is learning how to colour between the lines.

You can purchase Azafran’s eco-conscious crayons from here with an additional 25% discount and make the smart choice that is safe for your child and right by the planet!