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Bubbles, splashing, coos & giggles

Bathing your baby can be a slippery business, but don’t stress.

Bubbles, splashing, coos and giggles – bath time is the perfect time to engage the baby’s senses and create an intimate bond between the parent and baby. But this can also be tricky in the beginning, especially if the little one seems unhappy. All you need to do is understand how best to bathe your little one, and all the ones after – a breeze.

When to give bath

Babies can be bathed at any time, only it is best to avoid soon after a feed or when the baby is hungry. Just like massages, bathing babies get them ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Giving bath to the baby

Start only with a few inches of warm water. Use the wrist or elbow to check the water temperature; it should be comfortably warm and not hot.

Cradle the baby’s head and neck with one hand and continue bathing with the other.

Do not put the baby in water when it is still running. The temperature could be different and the rushing sound may also be intense for some babies.

Lather the soap/body wash onto the baby gently. Use a gentle, fragrance free soap or body wash made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil and soya butter. This will gently cleanse baby’s delicate skin all the while nourishing it. Rinse off with a hand-shower or cup.

Never leave the baby alone in the tub, even for a minute. Gather all the supplies like towel, soap, diaper, shampoo etc. If the doorbell rings, scoop up the baby in a towel and take him with you.

After bathing, wrap the baby in a towel with a hood. This keeps the baby’s ears and head warm. Dry the baby thoroughly; into the creases before dressing.

Tips for safe bathing

While giving bath, placing your hand on baby’s tummy will make the baby feel safe during the bath.

Place a non-skid mat beneath the baby tub to prevent it from slipping.

Keep electrical appliances away from the tub.


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