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Buff up beauty Skin ritual

Buff up beauty Skin ritual

Skin Ritual: Exfoliation by scrubbing the skin removes the dead skin from the outer surface revealing the shiny, moist and fresh skin hidden underneath.

So, how do one start with the beautiful skin ritual? There are some must know rules. Begin with a wet skin in the shower for 10 to 15 minutes, warm water is ideal to make the skin soft. Pause the running water before you start using your beauty scrub. Apply to moistened skin, scrub lightly in a circular motion with an organic cotton cloth or a natural sea sponge. Start at your feet and work your way up the legs, then the torso. Using your fingertips massage up the arms. Sensitive skin people consider a lighter touch.

Leave it to dry for a few minutes so that the beauty ingredients get to do their work. Meanwhile whistle a song, dance a little, or simply deep breathe and relax. Rinse thoroughly when finished to enjoy smooth, refreshed skin. Got a great scrubbing done? The skin might feel a little dry, so it’s always good to slather an oil or a thick moisturizer after scrubbing. After removing the dead skin, it all about what the new skin gets to soak into. Do not scrub, if the skin is sunburned, or if there are cuts and wounds.

Scrubbing removes the dead outer layers of the skin revealing the new and fresh skin. It thoroughly cleans the pores, allowing the skin to breathe. Removes toxins from the skin and promotes circulation. Helps in the regeneration of the skin, which makes the skin look younger. Going beyond the regular exfoliation, body scrubs improve circulation, unclog pores, increases the skin’s ability to absorb moisture and aid in relaxation and detoxification.

A delicious way to pamper and nourish the skin while invoking the senses.


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