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A healthy, tasty recipe made that crackles in your mouth! Chopped spinach is deep fried till crisp and topped off with roasted sesame seeds and a sprinkling of spices. Even spinach haters would love it.
Cuisine                                   Preparation Time                                   Makes                           Type
Chinese                                        30  Minutes                                                4                                   Veg


4 cups fresh Spinach leaves; chopped
1 cup Corn flour
Azafran Cold press Groundnut oil for deep frying
For seasoning: Salt, chili flakes, paper, sugar and sesame seeds as required

Add corn flour in the chopped spinach leaves and mix well.
Heat Azafran Cold press Ground nut oil in a pan. Add spinach in the strainer, dip it in hot oil and fry the spinach till crispy. Keep the fried spinach in an oil absorbing paper.
Add all the seasoning ingredients in a stone mortar and crush coarsely.
Sprinkle it generously on the spinach. Toss gently.
Serve immediately.



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