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DIY Christmas Decorations

Create homemade decorations that tell the story of your life and family.

Showy yarn baubles

Blow a balloon halfway to make a round shape. Dip colourful yarns in glue and wrap it around the balloon. Once dry, pop the balloon gently and pull it out. Apply glue and sprinkle glitter. Will look adorable in the Christmas tree.

Magic lights in a jar

Bring a piece of rainbow into the house. Take a jar, add decorative items like pine cones, holly, flowers, cranberries, crystals etc., then fill it with oil. Infuse with essential oils for a lovely aroma. Drill a hole in the top of the cap and thread a wick. Enjoy the glow.

Hide Santa’s scout

Cute face and dinky clothes; Santa’s petite helper, the Elf. Though benevolent by nature, if not treated properly, mischievous elves may play tricks. Paint his face and hide him between the branches of the Christmas tree. Hide and seek to the next level.

Peanut beauties

Make lovely peanut creatures. Paint them, glue tiny beads for eyes. Glue a red bead at the tip of a peanut to make Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. Use a colourful thread to tie them together and hang them on the Christmas tree. One can’t help but smile looking at them.

Herd of homemade reindeers

Glue clothespins together, stick craft eyes and red beads for noses. Add glitter glue to the hooves and tie tiny bells to get the reindeers all set for charming the decorations.

Tiny treat holders

Make beautiful hanging holders for tiny treats with mittens. Stitch on a loop of ribbon and decorate with satin bows. Unbeatably sweet.

Christmas snowman

Stick foam balls of different sizes to make head and body of snowman. Make cardboard cones and glue felt cloth to make cap. Glue beads for eyes and nose and tie a matching scarf.

Kick of your frosty festivities and make spirits bright. The most important rule of all – Be Happy. Christmas is not about spending enormous amount of money, but is an opportunity to come together and celebrate all the good things of life. So, just be happy.


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