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Easy, Breezy & Beautiful – Mastering the art of smoky eyes

Applying the eye shadow is easy. Just blend, blend and blend. Don’t be afraid. And? Patience is the key.

Think smoky eyes are only in blacks, greys and browns? It’s time to change. Smoky eyes mean the colour is concentrated at one place and then gradually fades into nothing. Smoky eye effect can be created with any colour.

Types of smoky eyes

The first type to do a smoky eye is to apply a thick coat of colour near the lash-line and blend it and let it gradually fade towards the brows. The second type is to apply a lighter shade on the lid and concentrate the darker colour at the outer corner of the eyes blending it inwards. In the third type, the lid is light, and the crease is darker blending towards the brows.

The best part about creating smoky eyes is that, it can be modified as one gets comfortable in the art of blending eye shadows; adding depth by layering, intensifying hues or even completely altering the colours for a brand-new look.

Steps to Smoky eyes

The base The first step is to start with a primer. There is nothing more frustrating than labouring over the eye shadow in the morning, only to see it fade by lunchtime. By applying a primer one can be rest assured, the make-up will stay in place all day. A clear primer is the most versatile option, while a dark primer will add depth to the look (making it a good option for creating a smoky look). Colour correcting primer will conceal dark circles and brighten the eyes.

Applying the eye shadow Applying the eyeshadow is easy peasy and should not take more than 3 to 5 minutes time. Pick 3 eye shades of choice in dark, medium and light shades. Apply the darkest colour all over the eye lid and stop right before the socket of the eyes. Take the medium hue and using a blending brush, blend out the darker shade in a windshield wiper motion. As the final step, take the lightest shade and apply it onto the brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes.

Lower lash line Take the eyeliner and smudge into the lower lash line extending it a bit outwards. Now using the finger tips, smudge the liner creating a natural smudgy look.

Liner Using either a kohl, gel or liquid eye liner finish off lining the top of the eye.

Mascara The final step for smoky eyes; mascara. Apply required coats to volumize the eye lashes.


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