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Essential baby products for first-time parents


Wearable blanket

Swaddling is a good way, but only till the baby cooperates. Replace those loose blankets in the crib for a safe environment and promote safe baby sleep. These little sleeping bags with holes for arms and head are easy to put your baby on, can be unzipped from the bottom for changing nappies, can be used over regular sleepwear and will keep the baby warm.

Nursing pillow

Bonding is more likely to happen during the nursing times, and so does the cramping. Nursing pillows will keep both mother and the baby comfortable during feeding times. And, the pillow also has a stellar reputation for a good reason. Easy to use, flexible in multiple positions and easily washable.

Baby mittens

Babies don’t develop motor skills till they are older, so their fingernails can be pretty dangerous. Keep those little hands covered and keep the baby from scratching itself and others. Match it with knitted hats and scarves for a classic look. Animal themes would look adorable.


Baby teething relief

Baby’s teeth will be out even before the parents know it, and remember, teething is no fun. Teething toys make great options, but teething drops will help to keep the little one comfortable. Teething drops temporarily relive gums and irritability along with the minor digestive disorders associated with teething.

Pacifier clip holder

Pacifiers are ideal for soothing babies, but sooner or later every paci ends up on the ground. If parents don’t want to hunt around the house looking for it and drive themselves nuts, pacifier clip holder is a good choice. The loop will attach securely to the baby’s paci and remains strong. Never a lose pacifier again. Bonus – also works for small teethers and toys.


Small plastic containers

Bored baby is a fussy baby. Keep spill proof toddler snack containers for easy food access. When both mother and baby are stuck somewhere with nothing else to play, these containers can also be improvised to make an instant rattle. Just add anything solid and small. As long as the baby is not old enough to know this, he (or she) will be entertained.

Baby bouncers

Suitable from birth, this is an excellent chair for the little bouncing bunny to sit. Designed with crinkling and squeaking toys, music, white noises for calming the little one, pillow and gentle rocking motions is sure to make the baby happy.


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