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Evening Shade Cocktail

Evening Shade Cocktail

Evening Shade Cocktail : What’s great about Summers? Of course, the icy cocktails! Imagine, a beach, your toes in the sand and a chilled glass of cocktail in your hand, A TRUE BLISS…isn’t it?

Making cocktails is real fun and here’s one such fun, fancy and flavors recipe of “Evening Shade” cocktail:


1⁄2 oz. lime juice
3 slices cucumber
4 slices peach
1 1⁄2 oz. whiskey or bourbon
3⁄4 oz. ginger soda
2 springs Lemon Balm
Lots of ice


Peach…check, Cucumber…check, Lime juice…check, Ginger soda…check, OK so everything is good to go. Oh wait, the main ingredient…Whiskey & ice and now everything is nice! Add everything to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. In the end, garnish the drink with Lemon Balm.


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