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Eye shadow palette buying guide

Is it possible to pass through an aisle of cosmetics without stopping to check out the collection of eye shadows? Not at all! Eye shadows draw one, in like magic.

While eye liners and mascaras can define the eyes, eye shadows bring character to the eyes. When chosen and applied properly, eye shadows make the eyes appear larger giving the much-coveted doe-eyed appearance.

Choosing a palette

Why but a palette? Eye shadow palettes are for those who want multiple shade options. With too many options available, it is difficult to choose one. Be it one wants soft eyes for the office look or smoky eye after work, it generally takes time to find a perfect fit that one is compatible with.

Powder eye shadows These are the most common ones available in the market. Generally applied with an applicator brush and blends easily with good coverage.

Cream eye shadows These have thick textures and are applied with a finger, sponge or applicator brush. Comes in solid hues and have long lasting coverage.

Pencil eye shadows Typical to pencil eye liners pencil eye liners have thicker tips and are easy to store. Those who are used to manoeuvre pencils find it easy to apply with pencil eye shadows.

Liquid eye shadows A tempting alternative to the usual powders indeed, but liquid eye shades are more reserved for professional make-up artists, as they need much skill to apply. Gel like formula with buildable coverage, this is like one painting with the eyelid as a canvas. Comes in tubes and is not easily portable.

Natural ingredients in the eye shadow

Choose eye shadows that are ethical and made with natural ingredients like Amazonian clay, titanium oxide and kaolin clay. Some eye shadows contain fruit pigments like carrots, tomatoes and apricots. These are natural, vegan and gluten free. Texture is gentle on the skin and does not irritate the eyes. Go for healthy options while satisfying all your crowd dazzling needs.

Choosing shades that go with the style

Choosing a proper shade complementing with the skin tone can be a little tricky. It is important to consider the colour of the eyes while choosing the shades. Avoid shades that match exactly with the colour of the eyes. Opt for shades that contrasts the eye colour so as to make the eye make-up stand out. Take the wardrobe into consideration as well, as the palette need to go with much of the outfits.


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