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Food & Drink : Eating International

Food & Drink: Eating International

Food: Some must have ingredients to gain a global culinary perspective, as well as satisfy the wanderlust cook in you.

How would you like; having a Spanish breakfast, Chinese lunch, and an Italian dinner? Sounds amazing? During earlier times, traders used to take risky journeys across the seas to feast on exotic spices.  But today, with culinary ingredients from around the world easily available; cooking becomes amusing and all the more interesting. And no ship required!


Black garlic                     Black garlic deviled eggs

Garlic gets better – Black Garlic

Taoism believes black garlic to grant immortality. Well; we can’t promise you on that; but, black garlic is loaded with health benefits; two times more powerful than regular garlic. Garlic bulbs are exposed to heat and moisture for more than a month resulting in sweet; sticky aged black garlic. Make delectable black garlic deviled eggs with hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, black garlic puree, and garnish them with paprika. Firm whites topped with creamy black garlic mixture. Feast on them, first with your eyes, then relish on its perfect balance of sweet and savoury flavours.

Buddha’s Hand                         Infused  Vodka

Flavor & Fortune together – Buddha’s Hand

A traditional temple offering and a natural air freshener in countries like China and Japan, the fruit will be believed to bestow good fortune. It’s culinary virtues lie inside its rind, which is very fragrant and has a bitter-sweet taste with lavender notes and lemon highlights. Its heady aroma makes it a perfect choice for infusing vodka and limoncello. Make a note, Buddha has nothing to do with the drink! Cut it into thin slices and top off your salad or steamed fish. Or simply keep it on your dining table as a centrepiece, and a conversation starter.

Piquanté peppers                 Stuffed  Piquanté peppers

Red, hot & delicious – Piquanté peppers

Uniquely South African, these peppers look and taste like a cross between pepper and tomato. Do you think olives are the only snacking option? Think again! Crunchy and sweet with a bit of heat, these little red guys are on most of the olive bars. Stuff them with soft cream cheese, ricotta, salt, and pepper. Perfect antipasti and pairs well with the dark; fruit–scented Barbera wine. They would easily become a party favourite, and the most requested one too.

Sambal Oelek                      chips with sambal dip

Traditionally Southeast Asian -Sambal Oelek

This is a popular condiment in Indonesia and Malaysia; made traditionally using a stone mortar and pestle. Oelek is the mortar and pestle used to create sambal. It is mainly made with pureed chillies like habanero, cayenne, bird’s eye, and Lombok. Citrus juice, shallots, fruit, and other spices are added to enhance its flavour. Marinade the meat, or simply add a spoonful to the soup for that extra heat punch. Mix some sour cream with sambal oelek and enjoy it as a dip with vegetables and chips. As delicious as its unique.

Greek yogurt                                       Tzatziki Dip

A paean to Greek yogurt

Plain and delicious, Greek yogurt has a distinctive; sour taste. Ewe’s milk is used to make the purest form of Greek yogurt, with a small amount of goat’s milk added to enhance its flavour. The whey is drained off from the curd which makes it very thick and creamy. Has probiotics (good bacteria) and twice more protein than regular yogurt. Make creamy flavorful Greek Tzatziki dip with Greek yogurt, fresh cucumbers, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and black pepper. Deceptively simple and incredibly tasty.

Dulce de leche

Dulce de leche

A South American confection prepared by heating sweetened; condensed milk. Making it takes a great deal of time and patience like watching the wet paint to dry. But it’s worth lip-smacking for every spoonful. Quell the craving, spoon it over the ice-cream, dip fresh strawberry, add it in between cake layers and shortbread cookies or simply ladle onto a bowl of yogurt. Oh! So sinfully sweet!

Every culture has its own spin on its dishes, and getting to know about their food, helps in developing a better understanding and experience about their attributes. Have a lively cooking experience anf great Food.


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