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A dream team of rainbow veggies and classic flavours make the base of this Asian inspired delicious fried rice. A one pan dish that will satisfy everyone.

Cuisine                                   Preparation Time                                   Serves                           Type
Chinese                                          20 Minutes                                               2                                  Veg.



250 g Basmati rice; cooked
50 g Zucchini; chopped
50 g Broccoli; chopped
50 g Bell pepper; chopped
50 g Cabbage; chopped
30 g Carrot; sliced
20 ml Azafran Sesame Cold Pressed Oil
20 g Spring onion; chopped
10 ml Chilli sauce
10 g Garlic
3 g Aromat powder
1 g Pepper
3 ml Soy sauce
Salt to taste


Start with cooking the perfect fluffy basmati rice.
Stir fry the garlic in hot oil. Fry all the veggies until they are tender.
Add cooked rice, soy sauce, chilli sauce, aromat powder and black pepper.
Give them a quick stir fry and remove from heat.
Garnish with chopped spring onion.


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