Organic products are grown, harvested and processed meeting stringent quality regulations. They are free from chemicals, and have healing, regenerative, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing effects. They are good for consumers who want to avoid artificial fragrance, parabens etc. It is a wise choice of those with sensitive skin.

Natural products are those which are not altered chemically. Organic goes a step ahead of natural. Organic products go through rigorous organic regulations, contain USDA certified organic ingredients harvested from farms that maintain specific standards of farming processes like replenished soil fertility, not using chemical fertilizers etc.

At Azafran we use botanical extract concentrates as the base for creating our products (excepting our Aqua Halo Range). Botanical extract are rich in potent antioxidants, vitamins, and AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) which promote a radiant and healthy skin. All our products are pH balanced and formulated to suit all skin types.

All organic ingredients have an INCI name (International nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients). The names that we use in our everyday life are the common names of these ingredients. For example; rose flower water will be listed as ‘rosa damascena’.

Prices of organic beauty products reflect the costs in terms of growing, harvesting and processing of the organic ingredients. Organic products go through stringent regulations that govern these steps, making the whole process more management intensive.

This is to ensure better consumer protection and education. Every consumer who buys our products should be informed about what they are putting on their skin. We have approved our farming for organic certification of NOP and NPOP standards through ECOCERT France. We are awarded the USDA and ECOCERT stamp of approval. Our manufacturing facility is certified by the highest pharma grade standards of ISO 9001, ISO 140001 and follows pharma safety methods certified by OHSAS 18001.

Shelf life of our products are mentioned in the packaging itself. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and heat.

‘Fragrance’ used in our products are derived from plant extracts and natural oils. We avoid using synthetic colours, and use only natural colours if required.

We neither commission nor perform any animal testing on raw materials or on any of our products.

Our Body Butters are perfect for all skin types. Contains organic; botanical ingredients that calm and soothe the skin.

Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral which is natural, non toxic and sun protective. Apart from the regular moisturization, it also provides UAV and UVB blocking.

Parabens are found in many skin care products, which may cause hormone disruption. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) are foaming ingredients and are commonly used in shampoos and cleansers. They can cause eye irritation, rashes, and other allergic reactions. We are particular about the ingredients that we use in our products.

Our products are carefully formulated and free of chemicals. To keep our products fresh and effective before and during usage, we only use ingredients like plant based extracts and natural oils with stabilizing properties. Ingredients used undergo quality control testing and have resistance to spoilage. Our manufacturing facilities are of pharmaceutical grade so that it restricts exposure to contaminants. Our packaging supports the stability of our products.

Azafran products are available from authorized retailers including health stores, beauty stores, departmental stores, and online. Check out our website to locate a retail store near you.

Our personal care regimes suit all skin types and apply to both men and women.

Azafran Products are available at our flagship store located at One42, Ashok Vatika, Ahmedabad,
Gujarat 380058