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Glowing skin in monsoon

Refreshing rains, sipping hot cups of tea and lush greenery… monsoon season conjures joyful images while also brining dull skin. Follow a simple skin care routine and enjoy radiant skin in monsoons.

Monsoon is the season when skin suffers the most. Lower immunity levels enable germs to travel in the body. We may not even realise; those irresistible steamy momos with spicy red sauce that we gorge quite often, or the gol-gappe; crispy spheres filled with flavoured water the vendor lands on to our bowls in seconds; all these may be carrying germs making us pay of all the zesty fun we had. Not just the digestive system, but our skin too; get vulnerable in this season.

Here are some skincare tips to consider enjoying carefree monsoon showers.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize; twice a day. Cleanse the skin with a gentle facial cleanser. Follow up by using a toner to balance the pH levels of the skin. And just because its humid, it does not mean one needs to avoid moisturizing. Use a lightweight and water-based moisturizer and get a matte finish on the skin. They do not clog the skin pores and keep the pores open for perfect skin breathing.

Same goes with the sunscreen. Be it the sun tangos with rain or remains hidden behind the clouds, skin needs sun protection. A sunscreen which is water and sweat resistant will be an ideal choice. Opt for one with non-greasy formula so that it gets absorbed into the skin quickly and does not leave white patches on the skin.

Do not forget to exfoliate the skin two to three times in a week. Use a mild scrub with organic ingredients to gently slouch away dead skin cells and dirt build up. Follow up with a clay-based masque to draw excess oils and toxins from the skin. If skin feels dry after applying the masque use a light moisturizer.

During monsoon, climate tends to be humid which is a breeding ground for bacterial. This may cause breakouts. Avoid heavy makeup looks as this will clog the skin pores.

A perfect looking skin requires internal cleansing and nourishment. During monsoon season, skin loses its moisture and looks dull and pale. So, keep the habit of drinking lots of water. Adding a little lime juice to it will be an added benefit. Every time while sipping the water, body also gets charged with immunity boosters which will help in keeping the monsoon infections at bay.


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