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When Gods visit the earth

Looking at traditional celebrations in a new way.

India is a land of ancient traditions, artistic heritage, magnificent landscapes and delicious culinary creations. Indian festivals have the power to ignite one’s curiosity, shake their senses and warm the soul. Prayers, beautifully crafted idols, colours, lights, gifts and other rituals characterize these festivals. From magnificent parades celebrating auspicious events to simple village harvest fairs paying homage of locally worshipped deities; the festivities are simply soul stirring. Along with all the gala, one also need to focus on practicing and promoting eco-friendly procedures.

Community celebrations Those living in apartments can organize community celebrations. Reduces cost and as everyone contributes to it, this will also create a sense of ownership. Space and decorations used will be less.

Green immersion Celebrated for 10 days, Ganesh Chaturthi creates a spectacular aroma framed with divinity and purity all around.Picturesque idols of the lord are installed across the country making way for the King Ganesha! In Durga puja Goddess Durga and her family are worshipped in pandals, an experience full of breath taking colours and traditions. The festival gala completes with the immersion ritual, wherein non-biodegradable materials in the idols cause significant water pollution. These don’t dissolve easily, lower the oxygen levels in water, thereby disturbing the aquatic life. Make the idols in eco-friendly and bio-degradable materials. Instead of immersing in rivers, immerse them in water tubs.

Save energy & the environment Use less lights as possible, and light oil lamps. Diwali devoid of fireworks is considered incomplete. Air is filled with smog, fire accidents become common and pets get disturbed. Avoid fire crackers.

Use natural materials Cut the use of plastic flowers and other decorative items. Instead, use natural materials like cloth, paper, wood and bells. Chemical colours contain harmful ingredients. Instead use natural and organic colours from flower and plant extracts that does not harm the people, pets and the environment.


Christmas is one of the most magical moments when houses are decked with pretty decorations. Use a potted living plant as the Christmas tree, which can be put back in the garden later on. Create simple and handmade decorations using recycled paper for decorating the Christmas tree, leaves and flowers from the garden for the wreath and make baubles with old balls and colourful threads of sequins. Less is always more when it comes to gifting. Go for round-robin gift exchange, organize a draw, and everyone can gift just to one assigned person.

Reduce, reuse and recycle. Enjoy the festivals and keep the environment safe too.


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