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Health insights from a Celebrity Nutritionist

“You Are What You Eat!”

Today, there are more and more people heading towards nutritionists because of how unhealthy our lifestyle has turned into. It’s important to know that we have to exercise to get fit and not to get skinny! We have to eat to nourish our body And and Maintain Good Health not starve by not eating at all!

Our curiosity found its way to Dr. Shikha, a savvy Nutritionist based in New Delhi. Her venture Nutrihealth has helped many to live a healthy life.

We asked her few questions and got intriguing answers in return!

How quickly should one lose weight? What’s an ideal weight loss journey?

Weight comprises of muscles, water and fat and when we talk about weight on scale it is the sum total of these three. Ideal weight loss should be ideally fat loss which is more visible in measurements. So it is fat loss that is important and not the weight loss and ideally one should not lose more than 0.8 kgs of weight in a week.

What’s that one food you would tell our readers to stop eating For better Health ? And one they should start eating?

The one most harmful food we Indians are adapting these days is Breads, different kind of breads whole wheat, brown, multi grain etc. all breads contain refined flour and preservatives which is not good for our health.
The one wonder food which I would recommend is nuts and seeds as they provide micro-nutrients which we often neglect in our diet.

What will you recommend – 2 complete meals a day or eating with several breaks.

I recommend small and frequent meals, as it will fasten your metabolism and keep you going the entire day.

Can dieting have adverse effects on Skin and Hair?

Dieting itself is harmful and it surely has adverse effects on skin and hair as while dieting people restrict their intake of certain vitamins and minerals which are essential for skin and hair health.

What are your views on Extra Virgin Olive Oils?

Extra virgin olive oil is considered as the purest form of olive oils as it does not undergo chemical processing like other refined oils. it has many health benefits such as it prevents cognitive impairment, aids weight loss, prevents diabetes and has also some beauty benefits.

How can our readers make the best use of extra virgin olive oils?

Unlike other oils, it is not ideal for heat cooking rather it should be used as a dressing for salads and cooked vegetables, in sauces, and even served with bread instead of butter.

How is eating right is the exact opposite of counting calories?

Each individual is unique and everyone’s body responds to different foods in a different way, so counting calories is worth less when you are eating right.

Could you enlighten our readers on how what we eat makes up our mind as well?

You are what you eat is actually true. This is called Nutritional Psychiatry. What we eat directly affects the structure and function of our brain and ultimately our mood.

How would I know what nutrition I am missing in my diet?

List down the five food groups Vegetables and legumes/beans, Fruit, Grain (cereal) foods, mostly wholegrain , Lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds and legumes/beans, Milk, yogurt cheese and/or alternatives, mostly reduced fat and see are you eating foods from each food group. It works like a pyramid shown below:

Nutritionist of India Dr. Shikha

What home exercise would you suggest to people who don’t have time to hit the gym?

Some light exercises like walking and breathing exercises like pranayam and yoga are beneficial for people who cannot workout.

Any special advice for our readers?

I would advice to eat clean. Eat food the way nature delivered it to us. Eat five to six meals a day, choose organic clean foods whenever possible, drink at least two liters of water a day, and avoid processed & refined foods.



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