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Legacy of the Green Apples / Swiss Apple

Legacy of the Green Apples

Green Apples Legends state that Adam bit an apple and came to earth. We might think why in heaven would anyone do that? Maybe he knew about its youth-boosting virtues and preferred the apple over heaven…

There are about 7000 apple varieties around the world. When comparing apples with apples,  green wins over the red and yellow ones. Eating a green apple on an empty stomach helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, which is good for diabetic people. It is loaded with minerals like zinc, manganese etc., and rich in vitamins like A,B and C. Protects the skin from harmful radicals and gives an inner glow to the skin with a whitening effect.

Partied hard in the night, and forgot to brush your teeth in the morning? Don’t worry. Have a green apple with its skin, on an empty stomach. It stimulates saliva, and controls bacteria in the mouth. And this one is good news for all weight watchers! Low in calories, and rich in fiber content, green apples make a good choice for people in a diet plan. Healthy weight management!

Swiss apple stem cells for the perfect skin

Ambient air of the apple orchard, sight of the trees bedecked with green apples, and the scent of the pink and white blossoms float the soul away with its delicious perfume and glowing colors. Apart from creating such poetic inspirations, what other magic can these apples cast? They also add a magic touch to your skin.

Human stem cells are capable of self-renewal and can replace damaged cells. But along with the ageing process, they lose the ability to repair themselves, and signs of ageing start kicking in the form of wrinkles and fine lines. But stem cell extracts of the rare green apples can slow the ticking.

A rare tart, Swiss Green Apples called Uttwiler Spätlauber can be stored for months without withering. These apples remain fresh for a longer time over the other varieties after picking from the tree. Extracts from the stem cells of this Green apples has the ability to rejuvenate ageing skin.  Stem cells from this fruit are extracted and used as an active ingredient in anti-ageing skin care products. This formulation has age reversing abilities, treats wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation. Vitamin C  in green apples protects skin cells from ageing. The anti-oxidants in the apple helps in cell rejuvenation. Skin care creams crafted with the Swiss apple stem cell technology delays the onset of wrinkles lifts the skin and gives it a natural and youthful glow.

Life has its own rhythm and we have ours. It’s not just about living, it’s about living younger, longer.


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