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A look on the bright side – the inimitable Coral

Coral’s pink – orange overtones and golden undertones offer a kind of balance. Adding coral hue in clothing and fashion accessories gives out a bold statement making style. Better, brighter and more dynamic. There are myriad ways to wear the colour.

Keep things simple with a spring vibe coral dress. Suits well for a day out. A bunch of matching accessories along with the coral maxi or mini will create the perfect look. Cool and flirty, this hue adds a feeling of excitement. A formal blazer for the day at work or a date night, this eye catching colour can be a great choice for any day. Try wearing the coral blazer with a white printed or graphic top. Coral crystals to wear are peach, calcite rose quartz and peach onyx.

An elegant and bright amalgamation of peach, orange and pink tones, coral is a versatile colour for all seasons. While vibrant, bright shades make it perfect for summers and springs, darker shades of coral can be used to create warm feelings during fall. Coral also pairs well with primary and neutral shades. Accents like vibrant teal and somber grey pair well with coral. For a charming and fresh visual, choose colours like mint, turquoise and caramel. For an attractive and chic visual, go for dark hues like navy and black as they create more colour contrast with coral.

Monochromatic coral make-up look will not overwhelm the facial features and will turn heads without being overdone. Azafran’s Vrindavan Collection will stock you with the shades to create the look. Richly pigmentated shades provide a buildable payoff, wearable and flattering on any skin tone. Can be layered for added intensity.

How to apply Start by sweeping ‘Classic’ shade from Vrindavan Collection all over the eye lid. Concentrate on the eye balls without going too far above the crease so as to avoid the sore eye look. Define the eyes; winging the colour slightly towards the temple. Blend well to ensure there are no harsh edges

To make the eyes appear larger apply shade ‘Innocent’ directly to the centre of the eyelid. Apply a little near the tear duct area to give a gorgeous shimmer to the eyes. This will also make the eyes appear larger.

Coral lips Give red lips a break and reach out for coral lipstick instead. Blend shade ‘Classic’ with a lip balm and apply with the finger as lipstick. Dab shade ‘Divine’ in the middle part of the lips to add a bit of sheen.

Pantone’s colour choice for 2019 is a reminder of one of the best colours of nature. Along with the exquisite beauty of the coral reefs, this colour also issues a subtle reminder to not forget the importance of preservation of nature.


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