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Celebrity Bites With – Archana’s Kitchen

Celebrity Bites With – Archana’s Kitchen

“The secret ingredient is always LOVE”

Food tells fascinating stories itself. Has there been any jovial trip or a happening gathering without any mention of a good food? Archana started her blog to bring such delicious stories into people’s lives and make cooking easy and fun for them.

In this exclusive interview with her, Archana tells Azafran everything about her love and passion for food which made her a successful food blogger today!

Why did you choose to become a Food Blogger? Tell us about your journey with food!

My love for food and cooking started at a very young age. At an age of eight, I put on an apron, began cooking with my mother and never looked back.

Even though I was formally trained as a software engineer, my heart remained in food. Over the years, as I cooked for friends and family, the single most problem which they would share with me was they found cooking too difficult and intimidating. I would listen and tell them, “It’s not difficult, just start experimenting with ingredients and things will slowly start falling into place”. When I realized, it was easier for me to say that and harder for them to do.

I started Archana’s Kitchen with an intent to solve this problem.

Ever since I started Archana’s Kitchen, I have been trying to perfect my recipes every time I cook. My kitchen became a “test kitchen” and this reflected in my recipes as well. Each time I cooked, I wrote, and again when I cooked I re-wrote the recipe. This means, every single time I cooked, I would make a change of ingredient to the recipe and viola another recipe came out of it.

My patience, persistence and perseverance paid off. Archana’s Kitchen is now the leading food and recipe destination in India. It has grown by leaps and bounds, reaching more than 20 million users.

Have you ever had any formal culinary training or are you self-taught? Cooking is a therapy. How true is that according to you?

Completely self taught. My sheer passion for cooking, eating right and staying fit drives me to share my culinary inspiration.

To add to the above; Cooking for me is very therapeutic and sharing this knowledge with the world and helping them enjoy healthy cooking at home, brings even more joy to me. Over the years, from passion of cooking and writing recipes, I have evolved into educating people on ideas to cook according to seasons, to packing lunch boxes and more. My fans love to hear my ideas that I post on my Facebook and Google Plus; this brings me immense joy and makes me work harder to bring more to their kitchens.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

Simple, packed with flavors with an abundance of love and a touch of health.

Who/What inspires you the most in the cooking world?

I admire anyone who cooks with love and feeds with love. There is nothing that can come close to that. And I strongly believe in emotions playing a part on how your food tastes.

Tell me something about your favourite cuisine/dish. Why is it your favourite?

I love eating seasonal and really don’t have a favourite dish. From Salads, Soups, Pakoras, Chaats, Biryanis, Curd rice, Rasam, Sambar, Thai curries, Pizzas, Pastas and more. I see, smell food and I start feeling hungry

If it has to be one thing that our readers should add daily to their diet then what it would be? What would you suggest?

Drink lots of water, Eat portions of fresh fruits & salads, a solid protein, Eat slowly and in small portions, and finally avoid deep-fried foods.

What is your take on extra virgin olive oils?

It is wise to have a knowledge about good oils and how each oil can be used for a particular diet. Extra Virgin olive oils are great for health and can be used in a lot of international cuisines adding not just flavour but also to health.

Your take on organic cooking?

I believe in eating local and do not focus overly on jargons and words on health that come up off and on. As long as the food is cooked fresh, and we are eating healthy and being fit we should be in a good shape.


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