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Mystical scent of soul…Rose Geraniums

Small pink flowers with a scent so feminine, and fuzzy hand-shaped leaves…the beauty and therapeutic uses of Rose Geraniums out values many other utilities.

From the simplest violet posies to the world’s expensive Juliet roses, flowers are incredibly famous and have a major role in the making of skin formulations and perfumes. Of these, Rose Geraniums are holistically used in promoting a radiant skin. It also uplifts mood, reduces fatigue, enhances emotional wellness and makes a lovely potpourri too.

Relaxing, strong, and pleasant, historical traces of this flower originates in South Africa, and later on was introduced in European countries in the early 17th century. Ancient Egyptians used it to treat ailments. Since then, rose geraniums continues to cast its magic for many centuries and is considered as an essential ingredient in perfumery, aromatherapy, and skin care.

When buying organic cosmetics, one might notice the name ‘Essential oil of Rose Geranium” in the ingredients list. Do you know? Rose Geranium oil does not come from roses, but from the flowers & leaves of the rose geraniums plant. It has a rose-like aroma, and its essential oil has numerous uses. Essential oil from rose geraniums are extracting through steam distillation of the steams and leaves of the plant. Oil extracted from young leaves have a lemon scent, while oil from older leaves has a heady rose aroma.

Flower Power

Essential oil of rose geraniums is used in many personal care products due to its anti-fungal, and antiseptic abilities. It is good for both; dry and oily skin types. It helps to balance sebum secretion and clear oily and congested skin. Its antibacterial properties help in curing acne, sunburns and bruises. The oil pumps water into skin cells and is a boon for those with dry skin. It can purge toxins, dead cells, excess sebum and grime from the skin and hence makes a great ingredient in organic facial cleansers. A face mist with the characteristic notes of rose geraniums is all that is need to complete a clean cut classic skin and mood refresher. Spritz it to revitalize and illuminate the skin, with the scent of fresh roses. A truly multi-tasking miracle.

And that’s not all. Rich in anti-oxidants, the oil protects skin from harmful UV rays, tones and tightens skin. Keeps you looking younger for longer. Adding a few drops of this oil in bath water promotes skin cell renewal, and improves blood circulation. Rose geraniums essential oil is a  good anti-cellulite and is using in the making of organic soaps.

Rose geraniums are one of the most powerful and pleasing essential oils, anyone will agree once they experience it too. So, what’s not to love it?


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