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Naturally pure protection

Go green with baby care products and protect your baby from infections.

Babies are small, but nothing is simple when it comes to selecting their accessories. Baby’s sensitive skin will lose moisture quickly, so it is important to use oils, lotions and creams to lock in the moisture and choose shampoos and soaps that are gentle on their delicate skin. Products specially made for babies are much milder than regular products. It is advisable to use mild products since baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive.

Why use natural products?

Choosing natural and non-toxic products is one of the best way of protecting them. Products that include synthetic ingredients may not affect the baby immediately but will have a negative impact on the baby’s health over a period of time. Choosing products with natural ingredients will protect the baby from allergens while being more environmentally friendly. When picking up a baby care product, it is more important that one needs to check out the ingredients on the product pack.

Natural ingredients that are gentle and safe on baby’s delicate skin

Almond oil Helps to soften and nourish the skin. It is a natural emollient, helps to minimize water loss and ids moisture absorption.

Olive oil Massaging the baby with olive oil promotes relaxation, controls stress and has a positive influence. Olive oil strengthens babies skin barrier, is rich in vitamins and keeps the skin healthy and balanced.

Soya butter Organic soya butter is very soft with excellent spread-ability and moisturizing properties. High in natural vitamin E, it helps in skin cell regeneration.

Sesame oil This oil moisturizes the skin and keeps it healthy looking.

Coconut oil Rich in anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties, coconut oil is more nourishing on the skin. Keeps the hair soft and silky. It heals chapped lips and is a perfect moisturizer. Acts as a barrier on the skin and heals and prevents nappy rash.

As baby care products come in direct contact with the skin, it is more important to choose eco-friendly products for babies. What better gift can one give their child than making sure they have a safe world to grow up in?


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