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Odds with the fast

Slow fashion is a sustainable fashion movement that is slowly picking momentum.

One never changing fact about fashion is that it is ever changing. But in the recent past, inspiration in creating a sustainable global environment has turned the focus of the fashion industry from fast fashion to slow fashion. Fast fashion is about speed; selling more in short time. This results in shorter lead times, inexpensive clothes, and clothes getting quickly disposed. This may cause a negative; ethical environmental impact.

On the contrary, slow fashion encompasses sustainable fashion taking it into a broader perspective. It is about thinking beyond the limited period fashion cycle and creating clothes with wonderful fabrics that are not tied to any season or trends. Designs are created in par with the customer preferences, and are offered with emotional significance. Manufacturers involved will remain dedicated to produce everything locally and responsibly along with the legacy of long lasting quality. It is all about buying a garment created with timeless designs, experiencing the quality, appreciate the clothing and caring for the wardrobe. Exceeding the common process of the apparel supply chain, a bond is created among all the people who are involved in the supply chain process.

Consumers also; are aware of the entire process from designing till manufacturing, and also about the potential to use and reuse. They get to see a larger picture of the life cycle of the garment and its environmental impact. Narration of the story behind the clothing invites the end user to be a part of the process, which can create long lasting relationships and even a stronger positive consequence to the idea of sustainability. Thoughtful; deliberate purchases!

Getting connected with our clothes

Fashion trends keep changing at the drop of a hat. Just-in-time manufacturing process can turn a sketch into finished product within a few days. Time is just one factor in fast fashion and along with it; natural resources get squeezed. But, slow fashion is not time based, it is quality based. It is not the opposite of fast fashion, but a different approach where designers, manufacturers, retailers and the ultimate consumers are aware about the story behind the garment, and its impact on our eco system.

Slow fashion can also be expressed as ‘quality over quantity’. It is based on the concept of expressing one’s own personal style through their clothing choices. Going beyond the effort to be in par with the latest trends, it extends into a creative realm of clothing at an artistic level. Slow fashion is a fashion with integrity, it limits the cycle of consuming. The happiness of wearing clothes can be experienced and cherished along with an awareness about the safety of the planet.

Customers also are willing to pay a little more for these garments. They actively look for stories that differentiates their new piece of clothing from the downtown street styles.

Being slow is an alternative to one’s obsession with speed. It is not meant to oppose fast fashion, but is conceptualized to bring about an awareness of environmental safety and the future of the planet. Slow fashion is not just a fashion. It is a commitment to sustainability.

Slow Fashion…

Teaches to value & appreciate quality

Teaches to make conscious decisions

Creates & celebrates personal style

Makes us to slow down


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