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Plants : Garden inside a Glass

Plants: Garden inside a Glass

Add a little greenery to your indoor space, make eye-catching bottled gardens & terrariums.
Terrariums are miniature indoor gardens inside a glass container, a perfect option for people who do not have space for creating an outdoor garden or those who do not have much time to spend tending their garden. These plants are low maintenance, so those who do not have a green thumb can also have their own garden. Adds a bit of outdoor beauty and peace.

Choose your plants

Choose plants that need low maintenance, those that grow together and will stay small. Ferns, mosses, succulents, and cacti make good options. Go for plants that prefer shade. Don’t stress sun-loving plants. Humidity levels inside the terrariums rise quickly, so the plants need to have tolerance to high humidity. Beginner? Go for easy and inexpensive plants.

Choose your container

Be it you choose an old fish bowl or buy one specially made for growing plants, the container needs to be deep enough for holding the plant’s roots. Bell jars make a pretty option for taller terrariums, while cloches and Wardian cases also make good choices. Terrariums also work magic with aquariums, tureens and old vases. Containers can be kept open or closed.

Choose your place

Choose a right place to keep your little garden. a place which can get indirect sunlight, or opt for gardening specific lights. Avoid extreme temperatures; hot or cold. the temperature inside the terrariums should be warm, so do not keep it in places like cold porches.

Choose your supplies

Choose a potting soil with lots of drainages and with peat moss included. Buy activated charcoal pieces to keep the soil fresh. Go for pebbles 1/4 of an inch or smaller. Provides drainage when placed under the terrarium, and a beautiful look when arranged on top. A sheet moss at the bottom will absorb the excess water. Buy a pair of gloves, helps when handling sheet moss, and
charcoal. Choose figurines, sticks or decorative items (optional). Avoid adding critters, they can cause damage to plants.

Now; Get Set Go!

Fill the bottom with pebbles and then with activated charcoal. Soak the sheet moss in water, squeeze out the excess water and place it over the pebbles. This will prevent soil from falling into the pebbles. Make a good organic soil mix. Add about 4 inches of slightly moistened soil in the bottle. Add the plants, pebbles and decorations. It’s your little world! After planting, do not water until the top surface of the soil shows signs of dryness.
Like your little world? Make one more!


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