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Australian Tea Tree Anti-Blemish Bath Bar -2

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Want to fight pesky blemishes the natural way? Our handcrafted Australian Tea Tree Anti-Blemish Bath Bar is the one for you. – now in a combination pack of 2.

Pack Size : 100 g

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Made with Australian tea tree oil, this anti-blemish bath bar is exquisitely handcrafted to elevate every moment of your cosy bathing experience. A potent mix of organic ingredients enhances the soap’s ability to deep cleanse the skin without stripping the natural surface oils. If you’re in the search of a beauty indulgence to revitalize your skin, this is the best soap out there!

Weight 100 g


Australian tea tree oil

The oil is more effective in treating acne. It dries out white heads and black heads thus preventing further breakouts. It controls oil production, removes damaged skin cells and treats blemishes.

Soya butter

Organic soya butter is very soft with excellent spread-ability and moisturizing properties. High in natural vitamin E, it helps in skin cell regeneration.

Coconut oil

Organic oil of coconut is rich in vitamins, and keep the skin healthy, and balanced.