Day & Night Nourishing Cream


A lightweight Nourishing Cream that restores skin flexibility and suppleness.
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A lightweight Organic moisturizer that restores skin flexibility and suppleness.
Five fruits extract stimulate collagen synthesis and boost skin elasticity.
Olive butter is a rich emollient and a good nourishing moisturizer.
Squalane derived from rice bran hydrates skin with a luxurious texture.
Organic Face Moisturizer With Non greasy formulation makes it a perfect choice for day time use. Apply in the night and wake up with a soft moisturized skin.
Night face moisturizer can be applied under make-up for a flawless complexion throughout the day.

Weight 50 g


Botanical extract of 5 fruits; Bilberry, Sugarcane, Orange, Sugar maple, and Lemon increases skin elasticity and gives smooth, younger looking skin.
Squalane derived from rice bran hydrates skin with a luxurious texture.
Olive butter is a rich emollient and has the quality of softening the skin.

Bilberry Extracts

Bilberry extract acts as a skin-conditioning agent that can help nurture the skin as well as boosts its strength.

Sugar Cane Extracts

Glycolic acid naturally present in Sugar Cane removes dead skin cells, dirt, and oil that can clog and stretch pores.

Orange Extracts

Oranges are a good source of Vitamin C which is known to improve the skin texture and color. They help restoring collagen in our body which is responsible for skin firming and preventing early aging of skin.

Sugar Maple Extracts

Sugar Maple extract is used to minimize and repair cell damage caused by free radicals.

Lemon Extracts

Extracts of lemon gently remove dead skin cells and lighten age spots, unwanted freckles and clears facial discolorations. The acidity content absorbs the oiliness and cleans the pores without stripping the skin of its natural oil balance.


Olive butter is a rich emollient and a good moisturizer.

How To Use

  • After cleansing gently apply a dollop of nourishing cream on your face and neck.
  • Massage in gentle circular motions till moisturizing cream is fully absorbed. Allow the skin to absorb the organic moisturizer before applying further makeup.
  • For best results apply moisturizing face lotion immediately after cleansing, as it helps to lock water in the skin. If you are applying toner, apply moisturizer when the toner is still damp.
  • For best results use after cleansing with Azafran’s Face Wash.


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