Lavender Bliss Pure Essential Oil

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Benefits Calming, Remedy for headache, Anti allergic, Antibacterial, Reduces skin burning & stress levels.

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Lavender oil controls anxiety levels, calms the mind, relaxes the body and improves circulation. Its woody fragrance helps people with insomnia.

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Lavender has been used for centuries for its aroma and myriad benefits.

How To Use

Bath & Shower Dilute a few drops of the oil in bath water to be inhaled as aromatic steam as well as being absorbed by the skin. Inhalation Dab a few drops to the pillow as a sleep aid, or in a kerchief to alleviate motion sickness or nausea. Massage Add a few drops to a carrier oil and use as massage oil for a relaxing and calming effect. Diffuser & Burners As a natural air freshener, the oil induces calmness and uplifts mood.


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