Organic Block Crayons (16 Colors)

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Smooth and creamy, each pack of our organic crayons include a rainbow of 16 beautiful colours packed in a slider box. They are made with sustainable and organic waxes of palm and soya, organic soya butter, coconut butter, and food-grade colours. The food colourant produces a muted, more natural colour palette making it fun to draw and shade. It has an easy grip for small hands and is especially suited for preschoolers. The square blocks are formulated specially to improve the hand-eye coordination in children for their first art class!

The Azafran organic crayons do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and are safe to use for your little darlings of all ages. They are sustainable and do not pollute the environment. Our ingredients are awarded the USDA and ECOCERT stamp of approval. With EN 71 & EN 72 compliance these organic crayons are a perfect earth-conscious choice.

Pack Size : 120 g

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Organic & eco friendly.

Non-Toxic & waterproof crayons.

No animal derived ingredients .

EN 71 & EN 72 compliance .

Comes with a unique colour identifier .

Age group upto 5 years

Weight 120 g


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