Ashwagandha Extract Tablets

Ashwagandha Extract Tablets

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• Boosts energy levels, brain function & overall quality of life
• Helps reduce stress, anxiety & mood swings
• Supports improved memory, better sleep & balanced mind
• Helps regulate blood sugar & healthy weight
• No adulteration, chemicals or artificial colourants

In today’s stressful world, we need both a sense of calm and boosted energy levels. The solution? Azafran Ashwagandha Extract Tablets composed of ashwagandha, help reduce stress and anxiety, alleviates symptoms of depression and increase both brain function and energy levels. Ashwagandha tablets also enhance your day-to-day vigour, sleep, and ability to be calm and focused. Soothe your body and relax your mind with this healthy nutritional drink. 

Ashwagandha extract tablets contain the ancient power of the Indian ginseng, ashwagandha, to release stress and boost energy. Enhances your vitality, improves sleep and lets your worries melt away. Ashwagandha ensures you remain calm and focused throughout the day.

The health benefits of ashwagandha are varied and have been used for weight gain, weight loss, testosterone production, sleep, fertility and hair. A medicinal herb that improves blood sugar, inflammation, mood, memory, as well as muscle strength and fertility. Don’t forget in conjunction with a fitness plan & a healthy balanced diet!

Unlock the benefits of a calm mind with Azafran Ashwagandha Extract Tablets & give yourself a healthier tomorrow, today!

We are Certified Organic, vegan, & cruelty-free. All our products are made with carefully sourced ingredients for effective, targeted action and a conscious lifestyle for you and your loved ones. 


Store in a cool and dry place below 25°C

Take 1 tablet daily 

For adults only (18 years & older)

Keep out of reach of children

The best time to take ashwagandha tablets is before you go to bed and it can be taken with water/milk, even in summer!

How to use: Simply dissolve in a glass or bottle of water & enjoy a tasty nutritional drink.

Note:   It should not be used to replace a well-+ diet & healthy lifestyle. 

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of 1 tablet per day. 

Not recommended for children, pregnant or breast-feeding women as it contains 75 mg caffeine per tablet. You are advised not to consume more than 400 mg of caffeine per day from all sources. Do not take in combination with ephedrine or other stimulants. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary supplements.