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Botanical Rituals salt scrubs for a glowing skin

Botanical Rituals salt scrubs for a glowing skin

Our skin is made of layers. Skin cells on the outer most layer get withered by environment and other everyday activities. These dead skin cells harden as days pass by giving a dry and flaky look to the skin. So it needs to be removed. Exfoliation by scrubbing the skin removes the dead skin from the outer surface revealing the shiny, moist and fresh skin hidden underneath. so salt Scrubs Are really beneficial for skin

Time honoured beauty processes involved massaging the skin with botanical oils and coating them with herbs that were tailored to individual skin types. Cleopatra used a combination of sea salt and olive oil for scrubbing her body which has been one of the secrets to her younger looking skin. Japanese geishas used a scrub made of sea salt mixed with whipped cream for a beautiful porcelain-like skin.

Salt Scrubs

Scrubbing needs to be an integral part of skincare regime. It purifies the body and stimulates energy flow. A warm bath after scrubbing further accelerates the process. Slouch off your dead skin cells, and restore moisture with salt scrubs. Salt breaks down the fat and makes the skin smooth and firm. It contains minerals that will enhance the skin and is known for its beauty benefits. Rubbing the skin gently with salt grains flushes out toxins and enhances the skin. This action also helps to improve circulation. Sea salt is a natural purifier and removes the toxins that block skin pores and helps the skin to breathe. They make a good scrubbing choice especially for dry areas like feet and elbows.

Sea salt, when mixed with olive, orange or coconut oil can breathe new life into the dull and tired skin. Work to manually slough off dead skin and keep yourself positively glowing. Feels good just as it sounds! Once the toxins are removed, skin is able to work more effectively and absorb nourishment. As the salt and other added ingredients are pure, skin gains a natural glow.

A salt with beauty & benefits

Himalayan range is usually associated with Mt. Everest, but there is one more wonderful thing to think about – Salt. Himalayan salt is the purest salt on earth. Himalayan salt contains 84 naturally occurring trace elements in their natural mineral form. It is rightly praised as “white gold”. Body scrubs with Himalayan crystal rock salt is unique, both in beauty and benefits. Prized for its therapeutic properties on the skin, it works as an excellent detoxifier and promotes youthful glowing skin.

Botanical boosters to uplift the scrubbing experience

A salt scrub, when combined with pure botanical ingredients, make excellent scrubs that give invigorating, spirit-lifting experiences. Ancient women are known for their ability to keep a glowing complexion and will grab the potent properties of native botanicals like turmeric, ginger, olives, oranges and coconut to scrub and boost their beauty. Deliciously flavoured and all natural. Turmeric reduces pigmentation and gives even skin tone. Olives and coconut give a never before softness. Ginger draws out toxins, while sandalwood is a skin lightening and conditioning agent. Love the tangy zing of citrus? A salt scrub with citrus and lime will keep you invigorated and cool. Plus it smells like sunshine. Fresh beachy scents of citrus, orange and lemon oils in the scrub would transport one’s senses to a tropical paradise!

Ever tried a coffee scrub? Try it, and your world will change forever. Coffee and tea are not just for drinking, they make excellent scrubs too. Apart from the regular exfoliation, the coffee scrub has another secret weapon for the skin – caffeine! It helps to tighten the skin, cut down cellulite and reduces inflammation. Loaded with antioxidants, caffeine also treats sunspots and fine lines. Scrubs with green tea extracts fight free radicals, reduces inflammation and controls bacteria that may be lingering over skin pores. Our skin enjoys coffee and tea just as much as we do!

Buff up beauty ritual

So, how do one start with the beauty ritual? There are some must know rules. Begin with a wet skin in the shower for 10 to 15 minutes, warm water is ideal to make the skin soft. Pause the running water before you start using your beauty scrub. Apply to moistened skin, scrub lightly in a circular motion with an organic cotton cloth or a natural sea sponge. Start at your feet and work your way up the legs, then the torso. Using your fingertips massage up the arms. Sensitive skin people consider a lighter touch.

Leave it to dry for a few minutes so that the beauty ingredients get to do their work. Meanwhile whistle a song, dance a little, or simply deep breathe and relax. Rinse thoroughly when finished to enjoy smooth, refreshed skin. Got a great scrubbing done? The skin might feel a little dry, so it’s always good to slather an oil or a thick moisturizer after scrubbing. After removing the dead skin, it all about what the new skin gets to soak into. Do not scrub, if the skin is sunburned, or if there are cuts and wounds.

Scrubbing removes the dead outer layers of the skin revealing the new and fresh skin. It thoroughly cleans the pores, allowing the skin to breathe. Removes toxins from the skin and promotes circulation. Helps in the regeneration of the skin, which makes the skin look younger. Going beyond the regular exfoliation, body scrubs improve circulation, unclog pores, increases the skin’s ability to absorb moisture and aid in relaxation and detoxification. A delicious way to pamper and nourish the skin while invoking the senses.


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