“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.” 

- Robert Louis Stevenson


If we have to preserve our water and skies, all we need to do is plant a quota of seeds regularly. With an aspiration to become an environmentally progressive brand and aligning to a larger vision of sustainability; we plant trees and also encourage others to grow trees.

Our Vision & Mission

  • >  Create awareness
  • >  Increase biodiversity
  • >  Distribute seeds &
  • >  Be green


We would like to compliment you for all your love and loyalty for us. With every online order, we are giving complimentary seeds. No minimum order required. We offer an assortment of seeds, so make sure to check back regularly and get something special every time you buy.

Freshness is important when it comes to seed genetics, so we make sure to give you the freshest seeds, which pass through our testing procedures. The seeds can be used in any region where plants can grow. It’s simple, just Sow, Water & Grow!



Go green and save the environment. For every online order, we will be planting a tree on your name. Along with the purchase, you will get information about your tree, its location, a picture of your tree and the impact you are having on our planet.

Your tree belongs to the community which benefits from its planting. All trees are grown with proper care and are your gifts to the environment. Our project aims to put nature back into people’s lives, renew rivers, restore forests and improve wild life habitats. And of course; Be Green!


A gift that grows

Join our campaign and make an impact

  • > Garden with our ‘Sow & Grow’ seeds all the year. Learn which plants to sow at what season and how to take care of them.
  • > Get green in the dreary midwinter.
  • > Protect your plants from wind and critters.

You, Seeds & the Great green world

Help butterflies by planting plants
Native pollinators (bees) need you
Affordable, sustainable & effective
Herbs that help you stay healthy
Gift of green to your friends