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Spring – Summer trends for 2020

Dewy skin, pretty pastels and bronzed cheeks with pops of electric pinks and blues…here are the best options for you to try out this Summer.

Sun kissed summer glow

Sun kissed skin is a trend that comes around every summer and we cannot get enough of this glowing look. Also known as the ‘no makeup look’, the process is to apply coverage just where it is needed, using less products and focusing more on the features. To get this look start at the temples, sweep down the cheek; up and over the nose for the ‘W’ shape. To build more intensity weep over the top of the eyelids, just beneath the brows.

Shade used: Honey gold highlighter

Golden eyes

Want to add a touch of glamour or celebrate festive season in style? Go for the golden eye makeup. Shade divine from Vrindavan Collection is gorgeously luminous and leaves a beautiful wash of colour over the lids. This can be built-up for a more intensified look. Blends into the skin seamlessly for a simple and easy application. Want to make it more dramatic? Extend it in a sharp point past the outer corner of the eyes.

Shade used: Divine

Glitter, gloss and shimmer

Shimmery hues haven’t let go off its grip on beauty. Richly pigmented buttery formulas wont budge not matter how much one sweats. Can also be sheered out for a subtle glow. On a simpler side, these are punchy one colour looks that can be speedily applied and do not require much blending. Coat your whole lids with a single hue from lash line to creases.

Shades used:

Image 1 – Hypnotic

Image 2 – Naive

Image 3 – Pristine in the inner corner & Mystic all over the lids

Colourful wings

Most of us tend to stick with black eyeliner, but colourful wings will make an easy, yet glam statement. A shimmery eye shadow can be replaced with a shimmery liner. A swipe of bright blue will make an approachable transition into coloured liner. To keep it simple, draw a thin line on the upper lids at the lash base and then extend it slightly into a wing. Use it all over the eye lid for a more dramatic look.

Shades used:

Image 1 – Classic on upper line & Divine on the lower lash line

Image 2 – Mystic on upper line & hypnotic on the lower lash line

Delicate smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are a timeless and classic look. A smoky eye in shades of bronze make the eyes appear brighter. Sweep a lighter shade onto the lids and inner corner and a slightly darker shade on the corner of the eyes. Green hues will add a graphic vibe to the look.

Shades used: Pristine & Classic

Glowing skin

Shining healthy skin with a natural glow is always on trend. Highlight the forehead and cheekbones softly to get the glow from within look. Dewy skin with a supercharged glow complemented by wet-look hair style – doable, and oh so pretty!

Shade used: Honey gold highlighter


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