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Surviving the first 30 days with your baby

Gently ease into motherhood and make your first month with your baby easier with our tips and suggestions.

Newborns require round the clock care and it’s a riddle to soothe that tiny crying person who can’t even talk. Do they need a diaper change? Are they hungry? Or are they simply toying with us? It’s always hard to decipher what the baby wants, especially in the first 30 days. Confused about your baby’s safety? If you are nodding along, this article would be of much help to you.

Forget the housework Forget all the housework for the first few months. If anybody speaks about the piling dust or unwashed dishes, hand them the duster or the dish wash detergent.

Recreate the inside life Before being born, a baby gets used to some key elements; limited space, rhythmic sounds like mom’s heartbeat etc. Post-delivery, the baby craves for that hypnotic cacophony and tend to become fussy without it. Key to soothing fussy infants is to create an environment for them that will mimic the womb. Holding them on their sides will trigger a calming reflex.

Holding Newborn babies are delicate and fragile, so support the baby’s head while picking her up.

Diaper change Lay the baby on a flat surface while changing diaper. Diaper change is a multisensory experience for the baby as you gently wipe her and sprinkle the sweet-scented baby powder engaging the power of scent and touch. Also, be prepared for nappy rashes. As soon as you see the first sign of redness, apply a safe and gentle cream on the diaper area.

Feeding Make sure to hold the baby while feeding. The cuddling that comes with nursing and feeding helps in creating and strengthening the bond between the mother and baby.

Sleep Understand the baby’s sleep cues. In the first month, babies tend to have uncertain sleeping timings. Let them sleep as per their convenience and do not try to control their sleeping patterns. Rock your baby to sleep, on your chest or on a car seat. Don’t worry about bad habits. It’s about survival – yours!

Get dad involved Dads hesitate to get involved because of the fear of something going wrong and incurring the wrath of Mom (you). Encourage him to do baby chores (and make mistakes) without criticizing him.


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