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The power of touch and massage

Skin to skin contact known as ‘Kangaroo Care’ is a powerful practice. Be it, bathing your baby, massaging or before bed snuggles – everyday rituals with your baby becomes memorable and powerful when multiple senses like touch and scent are stimulated. A regular gentle massage makes the baby feel loved and happy.

What to use for baby massage

There are many elements to consider. First would be the oil or the cream. Before applying it on the baby’s skin dab a little on the baby’s hand and check carefully, for any reactions in 24 hours. A good baby oil or nourishing cream will be compatible with your baby’s skin.

While choosing the products look for formulations that has special benefits on baby’s delicate skin. The oil or cream should improve skin texture, muscle tone and overall health of the baby. Be mindful and check for the ingredients listed on the products. Ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil and soya butter not only moisturizes but also protects the skin from dryness while giving it a healthy look.

Setting up the massage

Baby massage is a part of your everyday ritual. First thing is to set up the towel to place the baby. Set the room temperature to a comfortable level. Baby will feel uncomfortable if it is too much cold. Massaging will generate heat, so make sure the room is not hot either. Use a soft natural light that will not irritate the baby’s eyes. Keep all the products at hand’s length. Keep a soft towel to wrap the baby after massage. This will ensure the baby will not slip out of hands while carrying over to the bath.

How to massage the baby

* Take massage oil or cream in the palm and rub hands together. This makes the oil warm and massage; more enjoyable.

* Start with the legs. Wrap hands around the baby’s thigh and pull-down squeezing gently.

* Repeat the same for hands. Trace tiny circles over the palms.

* Massaging baby’s tummy in clockwise circular motion aids digestion.

* Massage the back with long and gentle strokes from shoulders to the baby’s feet. Trace tiny circles on the back.

* Stroke the temples, forehead and bottom of the skull. Move to eyebrows, eyelids, nose, cheeks and around the mouth. Stroke the ears and surrounding areas.

Massaging is a way to use touch to soothe, relax and strengthen the baby and enhance the bond between the mother and baby.


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