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Transforming the make-up look

Applying the highlighter in a proper way is the key to achieving a radiant make-up look.

A touch of perfectly applied highlighter will help to open up the eyes, define the face and creates an overall glow. But that’s a tricky business. Too much touch or applying in the wrong places can make one look like a tin man; not one to go for outside of Halloween. Trick is to use it in targeted areas enhancing skin’s natural luminosity.

The process

Start by applying foundation all over the face. Apply small dots of concealer; on the top of the cheekbones, across the center of the forehead, center of the nose, around the nose, under the eyes, and above the chin. Now using a damp sponge, blend the concealer gently on either sides of the nose, and from outward the nose.

Now for the highlighter. Using a kabuki brush, apply the highlighter from the temples to the top of the cheekbones in a ‘C’ shaped curve. A single layer will give subtle effect while multiple layers will give more intense highlights. Dab a bit on the tip of the nose and move it back and forth for blending it well. Sweep some highlighter from the center of the hairline on the forehead towards the bridge of the nose. This will help to accentuate the center of the forehead.

Sweep the highlighter on the outer edges of the brow bones. For an extra brightening effect bring it down towards the creases of the eyelids. Dab a little in the cupid’s bow (center area of the upper lip). Highlighting this area will bring more attention to the lips.

Highlighting – the unexpected ways

Adding highlighter to certain parts of the body will play up with the bone structure and can make one look thinner. Shoulders and collar bones can be highlighted to give a much appealing look.

A little bit of highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes can brighten the eye area and make on look more awake.

Shimmery lips is the next thing one needs to try. Layer the lips with lip balm and gently dab some highlighter


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