Manzanilla Olives Versatile & Classic

Manzanilla Olives Versatile & Classic

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Versatile & Classic Manzanilla Olives

Manzanilla Olives: Greenish – brown; oval shaped delights from Spain…talking about its savoury flavour is to reveal a sensation it creates in the palate, and in the mind. 

Spanish legends say that the olive tree was created by goddess Minerva to win a dispute with Neptune. Since then, olives have always been an important aspect of Spanish culture, traditions, and cuisine. There are numerous olive varieties available in Spain. Among them, Manzanilla Olives are the most popular.  Meaning ‘little apple’, they have a pleasantly bitter flavour with smoky almond notes.

Improve your health score

Also known as “Spanish Olives”, they are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that help to combat health issues, balance cholesterol levels, and work as an anti-inflammatory agent. Calcium content in the olives helps to improve bones.

Delicious indulgences

A diet rich in olive oil helps to reduce skin damage and wrinkling. Manzanillas Olives are a wonderful Spanish treat and make a savoury snack by itselAzafranf. Stuff them with the slightly sweet pimento pepper, or crack them, and dress up with freshly minced garlic, and olive oil.  They are known as ‘Queen of green table olives’. Known for their briny and nutty flavour, these olives make a  spot-on appetizer, especially when served with cold fino sherry and a chunk of crusty bread. Succulent green manzanillas can be seen stuck with a toothpick in martini glasses. Heavenly delight in small bites!

Frequently added to Arroz con pollo, a classic one pot Spanish meal. Vegetables, rice and chicken are cooks together; along with pimento stuffed manzanilla, each ingredient enhancing the flavour of the other. A dash of drama at the table!

Manzanilla Olives pairing

Cheese – Aged Swiss, Pepper jack

Wine  – Sherry, Cava

Cocktail – Dirty martini

Salami – Genoa

Olive oil for a picture perfect skin

This versatile fruit has its spot in the beauty department too. The vitamin E in the olive oil smooths wrinkles and adds a fine layer of moisture to the skin. Apply a coat of olive oil to strengthen the nails, fade away dark spots on the skin and to gain a glowing complexion. Mix it with a little almond oil, dab it in a cotton swab and remove make-up. Organic soaps made with olive oil rejuvenates sunburned skin.

Dense in nutrition and flavour, manzanilla olives are no less than a treasure.

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