Why are Kids and Parents Falling in Love with Organic Crayons?

Why are Kids and Parents Falling in Love with Organic Crayons?

Why are Kids and Parents Falling in Love with Organic Crayons?

They’re fun, safe, and great for the environment!

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How often have you feared that your toddler might take a bite of the crayons that they’re colouring with? How many times have you cleaned their hands rigorously once they have finished their cute masterpieces?


We know you must have already tried to find better alternatives to make sure your kids have the fun colouring away without the worry of harsh chemicals damaging their skin, or worse. Organic crayons have been a great boon, not only for parents like you but for the environment around us as well.


Did you know that the first crayon was invented in Europe in 1903? Black was the first colour crayon formulated from a mixture of various waxes and dry carbon black. Doesn’t sound too kid-friendly, right? It’s a relief that crayons have evolved a lot since then!


Azafran Organic Crayons help caring parents like you take the step towards conscious parenting by providing truly organic and safe options for your toddlers. Made with organic waxes and food grade colours, these organic crayons are not only safe for the kids, but great for the environment too, due to its organic, non-toxic ingredients.

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What if your kid takes a bite? It’s okay. They are plant-based. Will your toddler’s skin get affected by it? It will, for good, since it will naturally moisturize their soft skin. Will they have fun? Sure. They come in many colours, shapes, and sizes.


Organic crayons are the perfect choice for introducing the toddlers to the world of art and colours. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about conscious parenting with plant-based, eco-friendly crayons.


Crayons and their many, wonderful benefits!


Kids and toddlers alike love to colour. It provides them with a sense of joy and comfort. Colouring brings with it many benefits, especially during the formative years of childhood.


Sure, crayons open the window to the world of colours for the tiny tots. But they go beyond by also offering a unique perspective on creation and play a huge role in the child’s early development, making them more imaginative and innovative. Mixing different colours and coming up with new ones as well as drawing inside the lines are more examples of the avenues of unique learning that come with crayons. 

What are the advantages of using crayons for children? 

Research has been done across the world to determine how colouring with crayons impacts a child’s overall development. The following advantages of using crayons for children have been observed:


Unlocks the child’s creative potential

Crayons are the ideal tools for introducing children to the world of creativity. Art feeds the soul, calms the mind, and pleases the eyes. Once the children begin colouring with crayons, they revel in the world of creativity.

Develops their fine motor skills

The act of colouring helps the children develop as well as define their motor skills, strength, and endurance, all while having immense fun. The more they play with crayons, the better and faster they develop. They learn to grasp and fine-tune their motor skills by colouring using various techniques. This helps them get started early to learn to use tools and improve their endurance capacity of finishing the tasks on hand.

Helps them recognize colours

Ours is a colourful world and organic crayons introduce toddlers to the colours that make up our world. They start getting familiar with the different shades and colours, as well as the magic of combining different colours.

Enhances their sense of achievement

The toddlers enjoy a sense of independence and an outright level of triumph when they complete various tasks of colouring using crayons. This teaches them the thrill of the moment and the drive to achieve something that’s assigned to them.

Improves concentration power

Colouring is an activity that requires focus and determination. The better children get at this skill, the more their ability to focus develops. Furthermore, it also enhances their imagination and inventiveness. It also helps them build their self-identity.

Amplifies hand-eye coordination

The act of colouring with crayons improves coordination of visual and motor skills in the children. Furthermore, it also builds better dexterity through controlled movements in defined areas. As the children use both hands together to complete the colouring tasks, they go on to develop better bilateral coordination.

Elevates knowledge & awareness

Through colouring, the little ones learn about different textures, boundaries, colour combinations, details, and structures. Their awareness about their surroundings and the things they’re working with is elevated, all while doing a fun activity.

Builds patience

As the children start a new drawing with crayons, they learn the very important skill of figuring out the time it takes to complete different types of tasks. In the whole process of drawing with crayons, children learn the art of being patient, how good things take time, and how to colour inside the lines, and how much pressure to apply to perfect their drawing, slowly and steadily. Parents of little ones must have noticed how, after completing a project, they are always elated and much more relaxed than before.

Improves handwriting

With colouring, toddlers practice the ability to grip and hold writing instruments in a controlled motion. This is an important stage in the development of pre-writing skills. More practice means better handwriting and colouring as well. Practice makes perfect!

Boosts social skills

Yes, you heard it right! Colouring, when done as a social activity, boosts the social skills of the toddlers. Be it at schools or weekend social gatherings, children love to make friends while enjoying a fun colouring activity. Such activities encourage bonding and connection in a fun and memorable way.

Of course, all these advantages make a strong case for parents to encourage their children to play with crayons and explore their creative side. But as we said earlier, they need to be conscious of the ill effects of crayons on the little ones, especially due to the ingredients that are used to make the regular ones. With the right organic crayons, these worries will fade away into the artistic and colourful world of playing with colours.

Why Regular Crayons are a Big NO?!

It would be safe to say that most of us know that the regular crayons are harmful for our skin and health, but don’t know exactly how. Well, to begin with, regular crayons that we’ve been using since years are usually made using chemicals that could be harmful to the children’s health. Toxic substances used to make regular crayons include lead, PVC & phthalates, ammonia, cadmium, xylene, touline, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds.

These toxic chemicals could be absorbed through the skin or even worse, consumed, as kids are known to put things in their mouths. Harmful for the little ones!

Our job is to do the right research and choose brands that formulate their products with natural ingredients that are clear of toxins, safe to use for the precious ones, and additionally, don’t leave a harsh impact on the planet either! Is it too much to ask for? Not really!

Why Organic Crayons are so popular today?

If you’re new to the concept and haven’t done your research yet, you must be wondering what’s so great about organic crayons? What makes organic crayons best for the children?

You have grown using the same old crayons and you look fine. Then why should you choose organic crayons over regular crayons for your kids? We have the answers!

What are Organic Crayons?

In simple words, organic crayons are veggie crayons that are made of natural ingredients, soft on toddlers’ tiny fingers and perfectly safe to use for very young children. These crayons are made without any harsh chemicals or colourants. Toxin-free, baby-safe, and organic. It doesn’t get better than that!

What are Organic Crayons made of?

Organic crayons are made of all-natural plant pigments, organic bee’s wax, and soy butter. They contain no harmful, harsh chemicals that could be dangerous for toddlers. No artificial colourants or fragrances are used. The crayon is soft, easily mouldable and helps unleash the child’s inner artist without ever compromising on their health! While an ordinary crayon made of chemicals could be toxic and hence, not baby safe.

To answer your questions, the world we live in is very different from the world we grew up in. Despite our efforts, everything around us is more polluted than ever! But we always have a choice now, more choices than ever! We didn’t have safer alternatives, but our kids can have them. Why not begin with organic crayons, right?! 

Which type of Crayon is best for toddlers?

Yes, organic crayons! They’re the best for toddlers and should be use all the time instead of the regular ones.

Azafran Organic Crayons are safe, non-toxic, organic, and all-natural, made as per the highest international safety standards. They carry the USDA Organic & Ecocert certified stamp of approval. Made using sustainable organic bee’s wax and plant-based pigments, they’re soft on the toddler’s fingers and have a creamy texture that doesn’t stain.

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When you choose Azafran Organic Crayons, you help your little ones become masterful artists! The Organic Pencil Crayons come in different shapes and vivid colours to grab the attention and liking of the little ones. These organic crayons can also be easily sharpened for more refined artwork. Azafran Organic Block Crayons are easy to hold, and due to its creamy texture, it doesn’t stain either!

Undoubtedly, Organic Crayons by Azafran are one of the best crayons in India!

What are Azafran Organic Crayons made of?

These organic crayons are the best organic crayons available in the market due to their many wonderful qualities. They do not contain any toxic and harmful chemicals. They are safe for babies & toddlers since they’re made from the pure goodness of:

  • Food-Grade Colours - All-natural colourants- plant pigments that are vibrant.
  • Natural Emollients & Moisturizers such as soy wax, palm wax, and soy butter.

Soy Butter: High in lecithin, sterolins, omega-3 fatty acids and isoflavones, soy butter rapidly hydrates skin.

Food-grade Colours: Ensure that even if the kids munch on them by mistake, they remain safe from toxins and chemicals.

Above all, Azafran Organic Crayons do not contain parabens, sulphates, mineral oils or artificial fragrances. They are clinically tested to be baby-safe & hypoallergenic.

How are Organic Crayons made by Azafran?

These Organic Crayons for Babies are made entirely using certified organic raw materials produced at Azafran’s farm and the wide network of organic farmers across India. Organic oils are hydrogenated at our plant which results in butter and wax. These pure butter and wax are carefully formulated with food-grade colours to make it safe for children and toddlers and thus are made our organic crayons!


This is how we make the baby-safe organic crayons:

  1. Soybean is crushed to procure oil.
  2. Oil hydrogenation takes place afterwards during which the oil is converted to butter or wax form.
  3. All-natural food-grade colours are added to the mix.
  4. The hot mix is then poured into moulds of block and pencil shapes.
  5. The mould is then allowed to set, after which, it is de-moulded and finally packed for the little artists to use.

Azafran - Organic Crayons India - Different types of crayons sets available!

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Azafran has a distinct collection of Organic Crayons for Toddlers that are completely safe to use. The current variations include:

  1. Organic Block & Pencil Crayons- Pack of organic crayons containing 8 blocks and 6 pencils with a wide variety of colour options.
  2. Organic Block Crayons- 16 distinct rich colours in an easy-to-grab block shape to let the toddlers be as creative as they want.
  3. Organic Block Crayons- Pack of 8 vibrant colours with which kids can showcase their creative potential.
  4. Organic Glitter Crayons- Pack of 8 sparkling colours to light up the children’s artistic vision and drawings.
  5. Organic Pencil Crayons- Pack of 15 slim shaped pencil colours that are easier to hold while the toddler is learning how to colour between the lines.

All these options make for the perfect safe, colouring experience for every toddler. While the colours will fascinate them, the ease of use will make their colouring experience hassle-free.

Which crayons are best for drawing? Which type of crayon is best for toddlers? 

The more you look for options, the tougher it will be to make a choice. Let us simplify it for you!

Azafran Organic Crayons are available in two types of shapes:

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Organic Pencil Crayons

Shaped like a traditional short pencil but slightly broader so it is easier to hold on to by the kids. Also, easy to create a pointed tip through sharping.


Organic Block Crayons

A chunkier, rectangular version of the crayon with more space to grab onto, especially for babies. They also appeal to the child's senses.


The Major Differences Between Organic Pencil & Block Crayons:

Pencil crayons are shaped much like pencils but are much thicker and shorter in size.

  • They are perfect for toddlers who are still learning how to grab and hold on to things as well as great to work on their visual and motor skills.
  • Pencil crayons can be used for details and concentrated spaces. The kids learn to acquire a strong grip along with learning to colour in between the lines with ease.


Block crayons are ideal for colouring the background, creating atmosphere and landscapes that require light shading in a bigger space as well as borders.

  • Block crayons cover ground more easily. Due to their shape, they are a little hard to hold. Hence, they can be used as a great learning challenge along with pencil crayons for toddlers.
  • For babies, block crayons are a great tool to develop fine motor skills like picking up, carrying, and holding as well as clasping. All these activities have a positive effect on the baby as well as amplify coordination between the different senses.

A simple, sustainable way to reuse old crayons: A Fun Science Experiment

What if we told you there is a very simple way to reuse all your kid’s crayons that are either too small, broken or just plain old? Also, that this activity is insightful and enjoyable, especially for your toddler. Try this fun science experiment with organic crayons by Azafran.

Apart from simple colouring, with a few DIY game ideas, using crayons can be educational as well as fun for the kids at the same time. With just a few clicks on the internet, you can find tons of games to be played with crayons apart from colouring.

Our favourite is learning about the different states of matter using crayons and a silicone baking mould.

  1. You can pick fun shapes like animals or letters of the alphabet. The process is very simple and provides learning to the kids at the same time.
  2. Place the crayons in their original solid shape inside the mould and put them inside the oven at 300˚F for about 10 minutes.
  3. Be very careful as the concoction will be very hot. The crayons will have melted into the shape of the mould.
  4. Allow the crayons to solidify and get hard. To remove them once they’ve taken shape, simply place the mould in the opposite direction and shrug them out. You might have to pick a few with your hands too.

The kids can see how the solid melts into a liquid and after getting cold, how it is transformed into solid again! Reuse all your broken, old crayons and savour them again with this fun activity that will also teach your child in a practical sense.

Another playful method of doing this activity is using combinations of different colour crayons and letting them melt together to form a new colour in the mould.

You can also create lighter or darker versions of colours using white and black crayons with colours. Creating the colours of the rainbow sounds like a treat!

Your child can make their own colour combinations and use them happily in their drawings.

Sustainability begins at home!

Why do we make Organic Crayons for children?

We believe every child should get the opportunity to flourish, unleash their creativity and reach the potential they aspire to be. For every hopeful kid out there, we have created these organic crayons that help them fall in love with art as well as the planet!

Kids will need an outlet for their creativity, and they should be able to do it in a safe manner. We decided to create something that does not harm their health while being as fun as it can get. In the process, we created something better, something that makes the planet happy too!

Choose organic crayons by Azafran for your kids to let them create their new masterpiece, every day. Whether it be colouring in or just creating a figure out of scratch, our organic crayons will help shape your child’s dreams!

Our main objective with organic crayons has been to create vibrant colours to unleash unlimited creativity, that’s what's in store for your little toddlers when you grab a box of our sustainable, organic crayons that are child-safe and earth-friendly!

Azafran means the promise of truly organic goodness!

Azafran Organics has a wide range of organic crayon colours, wax crayons, colour crayons, crayons for toddlers, crayon sets, and crayon boxes. Our Ecocert certified farms near Ahmedabad, Gujarat promise 100% organic raw materials, which are used to create these colourful organic crayons. With 100+ products on offer, Azafran Innovacion Ltd. has been serving a growing number of thousands of customers, who vouch for the purity, quality, and results of our products.

From the regular pencil and block crayons to the shiny Azafran Organic Glitter Crayons, children are in for an artistic treat with Azafran. The sparkle will be there, not only in their artwork but in their eyes too.

Choosing Azafran means making the right choice for your children, as all Azafran baby care products are clinically tested and certified to be gentle, safe, and ideal for children’s sensitive skin. Conscious parenting begins with a wise choice, and with Azafran, it can’t get simpler than this!

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