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All you need to know about Liquid Laundry Detergents by Azafran Experts

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A comprehensive guide to getting rid of all your laundry woes in a way that’s good for you and great for the environment.  

When it comes to picking a Washing Liquid Detergent, we hardly think about the ingredients, the process, or the impact on the environment after every wash. Did you know that 39% of a garment’s impact on the environment is derived from washing, drying, and consumer care? 

Detergent powder is commonly composed of phosphates and other chemicals that don't completely biodegrade. Rather, they contaminate our water, and may also end up in freshwater algae blooms that release toxins and deplete oxygen in waterways. This kills off tons of marine life in the process. 

 We have something special for those individuals who are always looking for clean and conscious ways of living that is organic and sustainable. We’ve suggested numerous ways in which one can follow an eco-conscious laundry routine. You can also create an eco-friendly house while making a long-term impact on the environment in a positive way! 


All of us get lazy when it comes to laundry day, waiting till the last moment to get everything done. While doing the laundry can be tedious, knowing that you’re making the right choice on detergents can make you feel good about it. 


While there is a multitude of options available in the market in the form of powder, liquid, or pods; it is tough to select one. Especially if you are still new to adulting or trying to make a better choice for yourself and the family. Let’s make the choice easy for you. This detailed blog will get you ready to make a wise choice that will not only delight you but also the environment. After all, being friends with nature is always the right choice to make.  

 Let’s first discuss the basics of doing your laundry. If you’ve been using a powder detergent or soap, it is high time to try something new. Something that’s tough on stains yet gentle on your clothes and the environment. A detergent that dissolves easily in water and yet, doesn’t leave any harmful residue behind. Presenting the Liquid Laundry Detergent 

 What is Liquid Detergent? 

 As the name suggests, a liquid detergent is in liquid form, contrary to the more popular powder and soap forms. It is composed of ingredients like surfactants (water softener), builders (cleaning agent), and enzymes (for tough stains). 


It can be tricky to make the right choice. Is the time-tested powder detergent the best available option or will liquid detergent for washing machine be as effective? Let’s first talk about the different types of detergent soap, what goes into making a liquid detergent, and why the liquid form of detergent is the better alternative for you!  


Why should you choose Liquid Laundry Detergent? What are its advantages? 


We guess you don’t know it already, but there are many reasons to choose liquid detergent over other conventional forms of detergent. Now that we know what washing machine liquid detergent constitutes, let us tell you the advantages! 


  1. Remove stains from clothes with ease, thanks to its natural formulation of gentle foam that effectively cleanses the clothes, getting rid of stubborn stains. 
  1. Wash clothes while eliminating unpleasant odours to get clean, fresh clothes with a sweet floral scent. 
  1. Gentle on your clothes and skin as LLD is an environmentally friendly product that’s gentle on the planet too.  
  1. Easily dissolvable, especially with hot water. Also works on stains buried deep within the cloth’s layers with less foaming. 
  1. Liquid detergents are specially equipped at removing oil-based and greasy stains.  


Needless to say; LLD also helps you lead a more eco-conscious lifestyle. We owe it to our beautiful planet! 


Washing Machine Liquid vs Powder vs Pods  


You may think pods are all the rage and powder has been used since the beginning, but liquid laundry detergent reigns supreme when it comes to the most important aspect- the cleaning power. This makes the liquid detergent the most popular form of cleaning formulant.  

While pods are expensive, they also cannot beat the deeply penetrating cleansing of liquid detergents. Pods have also emerged to be a safety hazard as they can be easily ingested by children, if not stored carefully.  

Powder detergents aren’t suitable with cold water cycle as the powder doesn’t dissolve completely, leaving behind residue on your clothes. 

So, while pods and detergents may be good contenders, there’s only one clear winner - liquid detergent. 

Which liquid detergent is best for sensitive skin? Especially, safe on hands? 


So many of us struggle with dry, flaky palms post washing clothes. What if we told you won’t have to deal with that again? Liquid detergents will do the trick for you without damaging your sensitive skin. LLD is mild and safe on your hands and clothes with a gentle foam and yet, tough on stains. Many detergents in the market are formulated with numerous chemicals that dry out your skin and erode your clothes. But not Liquid Laundry Detergent 


Which detergent is better for hard water?  

When it comes to washing clothes with untreated hard water, liquid laundry detergent reigns supreme over powder. Liquid detergent’s ingredients aren’t as reactive as the minerals found in hard water, making it more resistant to its adverse changes. A larger quantity of detergent powder would be required for the same amount of clothes to be washed in hard water.  


How to get rid of old, tough stains using a liquid detergent? 


There are various ways to get rid of stubborn stains that just didn’t wash away properly over the time with the help of cloth washing liquid. These pointers will be lifesavers and will help you recover old clothes that you love but can’t use due to old stains. Read on!  


  • For tough stains, pour some liquid on the stain, rub it, and then load the clothes in the machine. This will help you get rid of all stains and leave your clothes spotless. 
  • Rinse dirty clothes for two hours with lukewarm water in a bucket with some liquid detergent, mix well before machine washing. Also, rub on the stains where it’s necessary. 


Can we use liquid detergent without a washing machine? 

Azafran Liquid Detergent can be used even without a machine. If you prefer hand washing clothes, you can use it to get rid of the toughest stains and the LLD won’t even dry out your hands, thanks to its plant-based ingredients like coconut. The best part- your clothes will smell of fresh lavender and feel fresher than ever! 


What’s the difference between plant-derived ingredients in liquid detergent vs others? 


Gentle foam from coconut-derived ingredients softens clothes without making them rough. It’s gentle on your skin, clothes, and the planet. Detergents made with multiple chemicals and artificial fragrances not only ruin your clothes but are also not safe on your skin.  

Whether you indulge in hand washing, top-load machine or front-load- liquid detergent is the way to go. 

Is Liquid Detergent safe to use for baby clothes & other delicate fabrics? 

Liquid detergent is the best and safest choice when it comes to cleaning baby clothes and other delicates. The harsh chemicals in washing powder erode and leave the baby’s clothes flaky and too dry to use. Delicates are also ruined by these harsh chemicals, making the fabric weak and the lifespan of the clothes is drastically reduced. Meanwhile, liquid detergent deeply cleanses yet keeps the clothes gentle and soft without destroying the fabric. It softens clothes without making them rough. The product is baby-friendly. It is gentle on cloth diapers, dark colours, delicate fabrics, and on the hands. 


What makes a Good Liquid Detergent & How to Choose the Right Liquid Detergent? 


The best liquid detergent would be one that’s eco-friendly, organic, sustainable, stern on stains yet mild on skin, clothes, and our environment.  


With these simple pointers, you can pick the right washing machine liquid detergent yourself with ease: 


  • Made using natural, plant-based, and biodegradable ingredients that don’t harm you or the environment but are tough on stains.  
  • Avoid products with these ingredients: Phosphates, formaldehyde, dyes, chlorine bleach, artificial fragrance, dioxane, ammonium sulfate, benzyl acetate, and dichlorobenzene. These ingredients are harmful to your skin as well as aquatic life. 
  • Suitable for machine wash (front-load and top-load), hand wash, and all fabrics.  
  • Non-toxic, safe on skin and for infants. 
  • Made with certified Ecocert & Cosmos approved ingredients. 
  • No artificial Colours, Fragrances & Brighteners. 
  • Anti-bacterial and gentle on delicate fabrics. 


We have just the liquid detergent for a washing machine ideal for you that removes tough stains, eliminates unpleasant odours and is also biodegradable! Additionally, it also covers all the points mentioned above. Didn’t we say we’ll help you make the right choice?! Introducing the only Liquid Laundry Detergent, you’ll ever need! We’re quite sure you’ll swear by it.  


Azafran 6 in 1 Eco–friendly Liquid Laundry Detergent  


Presenting India’s 1st plant-based laundry detergent, expertly created by Azafran. This LLD is made from naturally derived eco-friendly ingredients to effectively cleanse your clothes in an eco-conscious way. It creates a gentle foam, eliminates unpleasant odours, and removes tough stains. Not just that, this liquid detergent is gentle enough to be used for baby clothes, cloth diapers, and soft toys. It is also soft on delicate fabrics, as well as on hands, making it an all-around cleaning agent for your clothes and linen. Azafran LLD is vegan, natural, organic, and cruelty-free for a conscious and beautiful life! 


If we got you intrigued, then go check out Azafran’s Tropical Breeze 6 in 1 Eco-friendly Liquid Laundry Detergent. Wish to know more about this wonderful product? Read on. 

6 Reasons why you should make the switch to the OG organic stain remover:  

  1. Plant-based: Azafran‘s Eco-friendly Liquid Laundry Detergent is made from plant-derived (coconut-derived) and biodegradable surfactants which make it safe and gentle.  


  1. Deep cleaning: Azafran Liquid Detergent is composed of Silver that’s a broad range antimicrobial agent proven effective against most harmful microorganisms present in our everyday lifestyle. Silver ions are ideal for sanitizing laundry, keeping linen and clothing fresh, and eliminating rashes especially with added topical treatment. 


  1. Suitable for all kinds of washing: This Liquid Laundry Detergent is versatile to be used in all kinds of washing machines, be it top load, front load, semi-automatic and even manual handwashing.  


  1. Non-toxic Formula: It is made from environment-friendly ingredients which makes it toxin-free and harsh-chemical free. Simply ideal for woollens, silks and all kinds of fabrics including baby laundry. 


  1. Tough on Dirt & Stains: It is uniquely formulated to be tough on stains, especially with added topical treatment. 


  1. Pleasant Fragrance: Lavender’s floral, sweet scent combined with its woody, pungent smell is both stimulating and soothing and has been said to be used to freshen laundry. 


  1. Baby-safe & suitable for all kinds of fabrics: It is carefully formulated using coconut to be safe to use on baby’s clothes, soft toys and delicate fabrics. It makes sure the coloured fabrics do not fade.  


If you’ve made up your mind, you can start making a difference from today by choosing clean conscious living that is better for you, your loved ones, and the planet! Do your bit and follow the practice of an eco-conscious wash with these tiny, yet impactful steps:   


Here’s how to follow an Eco-conscious Laundry Routine: 


  • Less washing: Wash your clothes only when they’re actually dirty and try to wash all your clothes together instead of running your washing machine every other day.  


  • Swap a dryer with air drying: Air drying your clothes after washing instead of running them through the dryer will not only save energy from being wasted but will also extend the life of your clothes. Half of the total emissions come from drying. 


  • Coldwater wash: Always opt for a cold-water wash as almost 75 to 90 per cent of energy is used up to warm the water. To save energy, cold water wash is the way to go. 


  • Natural fibres over synthetic: Prefer clothes made of natural fibres like wool, and linen, over synthetic ones that hold on to scents longer and need to be washed more frequently. Don’t do laundry as often, miss out on the microplastics too. Go natural! 


  • Avoid these ingredients: Phosphates, formaldehyde, dyes, chlorine bleach, artificial fragrance, dioxane, ammonium sulphate, benzyl acetate, and dichlorobenzene. These ingredients are harmful to your skin as well as aquatic life. 


  • Optimum measure: Always use the detergent at the prescribed limit rather than overpouring. Use liquid detergents to help with water conservation. 


Now that you know what to do, do your bit, let your clothes shine bright and leave behind a better planet with these quick tips. 

Apart from this perfect liquid detergent, there are other factors that determine the quality of the wash. If you want to have an optimum washing experience, follow the guidelines below and let your laundry be spotless! 


  • The Temperature of Water: The water temperature also decides whether your clothes will be clogged up with soap powder residue. This usually happens while using cold water mixed with washing powder. There’s a better option- exquisite laundry service with fresh clothes while using a liquid detergent that easily blends with water.  
  • Your Machine’s Health: Detergent might also leave behind lumps of residue that can interrupt the optimal working of the machine. The clumps accumulate after every wash which often leads to malfunctions and causes blockages to occur due to concentrated deposits of washing powder. Switch to liquid detergent and you’ll get rid of all your clump troubles. 

How much laundry liquid detergent should you use? 

Unlike detergent powder that you can end up spilling and overusing, liquid laundry detergent is simpler to use with a bottle cap. You can quickly measure the quantity and use only what you need for that perfect wash.  

  • Use one capful (30 ml) for a half load  
  • Use 2 capfuls (60 ml) for a full load  

Signs your detergent powder isn’t up to the mark and it’s time to move on to an eco-conscious liquid detergent! 

  • Crunchy, scratchy laundry post wash & dry: If your clothes end up being too hard, it is usually the fault of your powder. You could also be using excessive quantity than required. On the other hand, liquid leaves your clothes soft and gentle without damaging fibres. 
  • Stained, dried discoloured clothes: It is pretty evident that it is time to drop your detergent if your clothes are still stained and end up with blemishes and discolouration. Usually, the powder can’t course through each layer of clothing to effectively cleanse as compared to a liquid detergent that deep dives and leaves your clothes stain-free. 
  • Rough, dry hands: Detergent powder usually reacts harshly with your skin, and ends up damaging it, making it flaky and rough. Meanwhile, Azafran eco-friendly liquid detergent is gentle on the skin and doesn’t destroy the skin barrier. If you prefer hand washing over machine washing, you must consider liquid detergent! 
  • Detergent residue: Residue on washed clothes is a basic problem in many households. While usually, the problem could be excessive use of powder but also some detergents get stuck in your machine and your clothes always end up with a bit of white residue which defeats the purpose of washing clothes. With a liquid detergent, this issue is easily resolved as it dissolves swiftly in water and cleans clothes effectively. 
  • Unequal distribution of detergent: As compared to powder detergent, the liquid is uniformly distributed in the clothes, leading to better cleaning. Powder detergent isn’t distributed optimally, falling more in some clothes than others which can lead to subpar cleaning. Liquid reigns supreme here too. 
  • Ease of use & storage: Powder packages are usually hard to store as if they’re torn once, they must be stored in a separate container to save it from getting wet or overused. On the other side, liquid detergents are easy to store, use and apply. They don’t take up much storage and don’t have to be stored again. All you need to do is use the cap to pour and you’re done!  


We at Azafran believe in using eco-conscious organic products that are clinically tested & Ecocert certified, made with natural ingredients that contain no artificial colourants or harmful chemicals. We’ve made the best stain remover for clothes that’s great for the environment too! 

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