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Loyalty, Rewards, Earn Points

A club where we make eco-conscious choices and reap real rewards!

Welcome to The Earth Club Loyalty Program by Azafran! Being a member of this exclusive club means you’re not just making the most of our expertly innovated organic and environment-friendly products but also getting more out of every order you place on our website.

Your membership to this club assures you a host of benefits that will surely keep you coming back. Your membership begins the moment you register and place an order on www.azafran.in. Every member grows through the tiers as they continue shopping with us on our website.

 Earn Rewards when you...

  • Share Successful Referrals
  • Write an Honest Review with our Product Pictures
  • Purchase through our App on your Smart phone/ Tablet



Here’s how to do the numbers

1 Reward Point = ₹1

Lifetime Points do not expire!

Important conditions  

  • Gifts, purchases other than in Indian Rupees, and Returned Products do not qualify as a spend to reach the eligibility criteria.
  • Review with Photo bonus will be credited when the review is approved and published on the website- azafran.in.
  • Purchase through the Azafran (iOS and Android) App is a one-time bonus, provided via coupon.



More benefits coming your way…


Excited? Us, too!

But make sure you read the Terms & Conditions thoroughly to know how to make the most of the Azafran Earth Club Loyalty Program.


Yes, sharing an email id is a mandatory pre-requisite to enter the Earth Club Loyalty Program. In case you are already registered with us, the same email id shall be allocated to your The Earth Club Membership account. You can use this email id to login into your Earth Club Membership account and check the balance of your reward points. If you would like to receive instant updates on your reward points, on redemption and other relevant information about the Earth Club Loyalty Program and your Earth Club Membership via SMS, sharing your mobile number is recommended. Sharing other personal information like your mailing address, date of birth, and gender is not mandatory but recommended, so we can create a more personalized shopping experience for you.

Your default email id, mobile number, and address shall be automatically associated with your The Earth Club Membership account. Except for your email id, you can edit your mobile number and address for your account in the My Account/ My Profile section at any time.

We will send you monthly statements on the reward points you have earned and redeemed to date. You can also check your reward points balance online through the My Account/My Profile section.

Your registered email id is your unique identity for us. And hence, the reward points you accumulate or redeem on one email id cannot be accessed by another email id.

No, you will not earn Reward Points on utilizing a Credit Note.

No, the Earth Club Loyalty Program Membership is available only for individual billing.

No, The Earth Club Loyalty Program is valid only for purchases made in Indian Currency.

No, you will not earn reward points on shipping charges.

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