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Welcome to the Earth Club Loyalty Program of Azafran. By becoming a Member you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

The Earth Club Loyalty Program Membership (the Earth Club Membership) offered by Azafran to its customers under the Earth Club Loyalty Program entitles the Registered Users of (the Azafran Website) to a host of benefits and privileges. The Earth Club Membership works on a system of reward points. Please note that the benefits of the Earth Club Membership are not available for any Azafran stores operating under a Shop-in-Shop format.


The Earth Club Membership is operational only in India, limited to the Registered Users of the Azafran Website and is limited to one registered account. Participation in the Earth Club Loyalty Program is voluntary and by enrolling for The Earth Club Loyalty Program, you agree that (i) you are at least 18 years of age; (ii) you possess the legal authority to create a binding legal obligation; (iii) you will use the Azafran Website in accordance with the terms and conditions set out therein and (iv) all information supplied by you on the Azafran Website is true, accurate, current and complete.

To register with us, you must provide your first name, last name, mailing address, gender and phone number and also accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as available on the Azafran Website.

Once the Registered User qualifies for the Earth Club Membership the Registered User shall be notified on their registered email id about their membership registration as an Earth Club Member. This notification shall be sent only to Registered Users of the Azafran Website to their registered email id within a period of 30 - 45 days of qualifying for the Earth Club Membership.




The Earth Club Membership is available only to individuals and not to organizations.


The accumulated Earth Club Membership reward points are non-transferable and cannot be used for any other purpose other than purchase at the Azafran Website.


The Earth Club Loyalty reward points cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash or Gift Cards.


The Earth Club Member is not entitled to combine rewards reward points with any other promotional coupon offered by the Azafran Website.


At the time of redemption, please apply the Earth Club reward points before applying any other payment mode at checkout.


Once the accumulated reward points have been redeemed against a purchase, the transaction is final and the reward points cannot be reversed or reimbursed.


In case of a refund, if all the products on the invoice are being returned, all the Earth Club Loyalty reward points earned on the invoice shall be rolled back. If it’s a partial return, the rollback of the Earth Club Loyalty reward points would also be partial. However if the Member takes a credit note, the Member shall be entitled to retain its Earth Club loyalty reward points.



The Earth Club Loyalty reward points can be redeemed on any purchases made at the Azafran Website after [24] hours.


At the time of purchasing, The Earth Club Members must enter their Earth Club Membership number after placing the order. Reward points will automatically be updated once the invoicing is done for an online order. Please be informed that this updating of reward points is not on real time basis and the new balance may take up to 24 hours to reflect. You can also place a request at [Email Id] by stating your Earth Club Membership Number as well as your online order number.

The Earth Club Members can redeem their reward points for products while making a purchase, provided the number of reward points in the Member’s account are more than or equal to the price of the product they wish to purchase. In case, the number of reward points in the Member’s account is less than the total purchase value, the reward points can still be redeemed but the balance would have to be paid for, which would reflect on the bill with total purchase value.

A Member can redeem as many reward points as the Member may want on a single transaction out of the total available reward points balance. There is no minimum threshold limit for redemption. For example, if a Member has 5000 reward points in his/her account, the Member can choose to redeem as many out of these 5000 reward points on a single purchase.


The reward points cannot be converted to cash.


Once you are a Registered User of the Azafran Website, you may view a summary of your account on the Azafran Website. After logging onto the Azafran Website, simply click on "Your Account/My Profile" link in the header of the Azafran Website homepage and check/revise/amend any information relating to your account.



The Earth Club Loyalty Program offers exclusive access to special offers and sales specially designed for The Earth Club Members. Such offers and access will be offered completely on discretion of Azafran and are subject to update, cancellation, modification, revision and change.


Notwithstanding anything provided herein or elsewhere, Azafran reserves the right to terminate the Earth Club Loyalty Program by giving a prior written notice to all its Earth Club Members of 30 (thirty) days.


Azafran shall also have the right to transfer or assign or merge the Earth Club Loyalty Program in whole or in parts to/with any of its affiliates without prior intimation or notice.




A Member may cancel his/her Earth Club Membership at any time through “My Account” on Azafran Website or by contacting customer service.


On cancellation of the Earth Club Membership, reward points if any in the Member account shall stand forfeited.


Azafran may, at its sole discretion, terminate, alter, limit, suspend or modify the Earth Club Loyalty Program, and/or the Terms and Conditions at any time, in case of changes to applicable laws, changes in services provided by Azafran or on introduction of new services. Azafran shall use their best endeavors to keep the Members informed of the change either through the App, on the Azafran Website, via email or a combination thereof. If a Member does not accept the changes the Member has the right to cancel his/her Earth Club Membership. All changes will be on prospective basis. It is recommended that all the Earth Club Members periodically review these Terms and Conditions on the Earth Club Loyalty Program page to keep themselves updated with the changes. A Member’s continued use of the Earth Club Loyalty Program following any changes, amendments to The Earth Club Loyalty Program will be deemed acceptance of such changes, amendments. The Earth Club Member always has the option to opt out of the Earth Club Loyalty Program.


Azafran reserves the right to suspend or disqualify the Earth Club Membership of any member if suspected of any fraudulent or unlawful activities and/or in case of any breach of the Terms and Conditions of the Earth Club Loyalty Program and/or of the terms and conditions of the Azafran Website and/or any misrepresentation or any conduct detrimental to the interests of Azafran. Azafran reserves the right to claim indemnification from such a member in case of any loss or damage caused to Azafran due to such fraudulent or unlawful activities/breach/misrepresentation or conduct detrimental to the interest of Azafran. In case of termination due to such circumstances, all the reward points shall be forfeited.


Any taxes, duties or charges on the purchases by the Earth Club Member payable to the Government of India or any other applicable authority shall be borne directly by the Earth Club Member and/or shall be billed directly to the Earth Club Member. 




Azafran will not be liable for any system failure or malfunction of the Earth Club Loyalty Program or any consequences thereof. Azafran accepts no liability for any loss or damages arising from suspension, variation or termination or in any other way relating to the Earth Club Loyalty Program, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.


Azafran will not be liable for the misuse of a Member’s “My Account/My Profile” resulting from unauthorized access by third parties.


Azafran’s The Earth Club Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions forms a part of Azafran Website’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Please refer to terms and conditions and privacy policy on the Azafran Website. The admission of a Registered User to The Earth Club Loyalty Program Membership is at the sole discretion of Azafran and is on first come first serve basis.




The Earth Club Loyalty Program and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Laws of India.


Any dispute or differences arising under Azafran’s Earth Club Loyalty Program shall be settled by negotiations and in an amicable manner. Only if the disputes or differences are not settled by negotiations and in an amicable manner, either Party shall have the right to resort to legal recourse which shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.




If you have any questions regarding the Earth Club Loyalty Program you may contact customer service at [■]. All correspondence regarding the Earth Club Loyalty Program should be addressed to [■].


For sale related policies, please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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