A finishing magic touch to meals

A finishing magic touch to meals

A finishing magic touch to meals

Olive Oil: Imagine spending a serene spring sunshine morning under the towering splendour of the olive trees, on a hillside, near a beautiful village. Along with the enduring captivity of the olive trees,  virtues of the fruit and its oil; are remarkable.

What is the healthiest fat on earth? Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the highest quality oil with a flavour of fresh olives. Its umami taste adds a note of Spanish romance to any meal presentation. Entrées, salads, slow cooked braises or simply with a chunk of bread, they take the entire menu to a whole new level.

Regular Vs Extra virgin olive oil

Beautiful landscape, massive granite olive crushing stones, giant olive storing urns, buttery gold olive oil and a line of colourful carts…these are the unique features of a traditional olive farm. Olive oil is extracting by pressing the fruits of olives. Sometimes, in this process, chemicals are used for extracting, or the oil is diluted with other oils. Heat is applied for oil extraction which degrades its flavour. These regular olive oils do not have an olive aroma, colour and flavour. Best quality olive oil is extracting using mechanical methods, and having its own aroma and flavour. Extra virgin olive oils are made with the first cold pressing of fresh olives without using heat or chemicals. Cold press methods use heavy millstones or stainless steel presses at lower temperatures. Cold press oils retain the flavour of fresh olive, and it will load with natural vitamins and minerals.

Keeping the olive oil on a windowsill or at the back of the stove can turn it rancid quickly. Remember, there are three enemies for extra virgin olive oils; heat, light and hungry friends! Maybe you don’t mind sharing with the third enemy, but be aware of the first two. Store the oil in dark-coloured glass bottles or decanters with a pour top. An artful and useful centrepiece for the dining table!

Dip, Dress & Drizzle your dishes

Extra virgin olive oils make amazing finishing oils by adding intensity and depth of flavour. Use this prized possession to add an extra magic to dishes. Make an olive oil dip seasoned with balsamic vinegar, fresh garlic, oregano and pepper. Tastes heavenly with crusty French Baguettes. Add minced garlic, and fresh lemon juice to extra virgin olive oil, and use it for salad dressing over a bed of spinach or any other shredded salad greens. Drizzle this liquid gold to a bowl of soup, and take it to the next level. Brush extra virgin olive oil to meat or seafood before grilling to seal the flavour of the food while keeping its exterior crisp. Who can say no that?

Fresh, fruit kissed miracle ingredient… Once you taste extra virgin olive oil, your life will never be the same; again!

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