Big surprises come in small seeds

Big surprises come in small seeds

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Big surprises come in small seeds

Think they are just small seeds? Time to change your ideas…

Ready for a healthy surprise? Maybe they look tiny, but do not get fooled by their size. These small seeds are packed with proteins, iron, vitamins, fibre, and omega fatty acids. Blend them while making breakfasts, baked into desserts, or cook a crunchy lunch, these seeds make an awesome nutritional addition to any meal presentation.

Chia seeds

These tiny black seeds are full of nutrients that benefit body and brain. They are gluten-free and deliver a massive amount of nutrients in fewer calories. Adding them to the everyday food regime will dramatically boost nutritional value. The best of all is that they are incredibly easy to add to your dishes. Blend them in smoothies, cereals, or sprinkle them on a salad. Like desserts? Blend cherries, sugar, cardamom, vanilla and almond milk into smooth cream, then soak the chia seeds in it. A healthy dessert that will also satisfy a sweet tooth!

Pumpkin seeds

Trust us, the seeds removed and discarded from pumpkins can be made into a delicious snack. They are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and health-promoting antioxidants. Keeps blood vessels healthy, and lowers bad cholesterol. Nutritional benefits of the seeds increase as they age. They make a tasty addition to sundaes, granolas, cookies and baked food. Prefer Mexican food? Make a Mole sauce with pumpkin seeds and have it with chicken. Irresistibly tasty!

Sunflower Seeds

Sweet and nutty, sunflower seeds are concentrated source of health benefiting minerals and essential fatty acids. High in energy, they help to reduce blood sugar levels. Rich in vitamin E, these seeds are good for skin.  Sunflower seed butter makes a good alternative for people who do not like, or; are allergic to peanut butter. Sprinkle roasted sunflower seeds over fried rice dishes as a garnish, or cook a protein-packed breakfast by adding tuna, sunflower seeds, and cheese over a slice of bread and toasting it to melt the cheese. Anybody for breakfast?

Wheat germ

It has high fibre content and does not cause a blood sugar rise. Wheat germ has anti-ageing properties, can boost the immune system, stamina, and has the ability to heal wounds faster.  These seeds make a great addition to smoothies, cereals, and other baking recipes. Mix wheat germ with oats and nuts add honey to coat them well, spread it on a cookie sheet and bake until golden brown. Now give a final touch by adding dry fruits of your choice, and that’s it. Yummy, tasty wheat germ granola is ready. Anytime snack that is filling, tasty and healthy!

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