Organic Botanical bounty

Organic Botanical bounty at your home

Organic Botanical bounty at your home

Organic gardening is not a passing craze or a choice of health nuts. It’s a profound way to get our share from the earth, and also preserve the planet for future generations.

What is the common sense of eating? Organic produce of course! The food we serve our family and our environment needs to be healthy and safe. Organic foods come with a lot of nutritional benefits, rich in antioxidants and good for people with allergies. They are becoming a more common feature in stores too. Organic products come with a hefty price tag when purchased from the supermarket. Apart from that, navigating through the maze of organic labels and ingredients might be quite confusing

Landscape your yard into a beautiful organic home garden. Seems a little overwhelming, right? Having an organic garden is not a difficult task and is as simple as the regular garden. Just a few simple rules to keep in mind. Make sure your garden gets around 6 to 7 hours of sunlight every day.

Use natural compost and manure instead of chemicals; like lemon to adjust the pH of the soil and your own grass clippings for mulch.  Select your seeds carefully, and avoid GM ones. And take care not to plant too many plants of the same kind, or else you will find yourself selling them to your neighbours in the coming months!

Maintaining Your Garden

 A healthy garden needs regular clean up. Cleaning not just involves removing the dead leaves, and debris, but also getting rid of the hiding place of pests. In many zen temples, an activity called ‘soji’ is followed where the monks clean their temple premises themselves; every day, after their chanting. Soji is a practice of the Zen monks, an extension of meditation, and is done silently. Not just to be meant for cleaning the garden alone, but approaching situations in life the same way would result in an open sensibility.

Watering, weeding, and planting is purposeful activities that make a great physical exercise too. It is also one great way to relax, de-stress and get lots of sunshine and fresh air. Eating fresh homegrown organic fruits and vegetables are a healthy option for the body. Watching the seed you planted; grow, blossom, and mature into a ripe fruit gives an unexplained sense of pride. You agree with us, right?

A little bit of patience, hard work, and a master plan… that’s all you need. Everyone’s heart would sing when they set their eyes on your organic home garden, we can bet on that!



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